Five Million Years to Earth

Five Million Years to Earth

A mysterious artifact is unearthed in London, and famous scientist Bernard Quatermass is called into to divine its origins and explain its strange effects on people.

An ancient Martian spaceship is unearthed in London, and proves to have powerful psychic effects on the people around. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben M (it) wrote: George Newbern is excellent at voicing Superman. Plus we get to see Superman stand up for what I think this world needs: good strong moralism

Alex H (us) wrote: All the ambition of a Scorcese epic and essentially none of the craftsmanship to pull it off. Stylistically muddled (if there are too many slow motion shots to count on your fingers, there are too many), boring to look at, and effing dreadfully dull performances. The characters have no character, they're just there to be creepy and angry and look like dopey blocks of wood. Deadpan is one thing, this is another. This is the second movie I've seen in a row now that has a high critical response I just don't understand at all. What is the matter with you people/me

Larry C (jp) wrote: Alice EVE is wonderful and sexy. This is a complicated movie. i have not wanted to see the whole movie a 2nd time.

Eva E (ca) wrote: The poster/DVD cover makes it look like a teen sex romp -- whoever designed the image did a huge disservice to this beautiful drama. Michael Angarano, whom I recognized from playing Jack's son on "Will and Grace," plays a terminally ill teen without self-pity or melodrama; all this character wants is to get a chance to do something fun while he still can. It's tremendous, and believe it or not, you'll cry. I highly recommend.

Rachel M (kr) wrote: i felt Joonsuhk's father's strong love n Joonsuhk's friends' friendship. in this sad movie, i thought that the father(Seungwon Cha)'s love is as great as maternal love. this movie made my eye n my heart warm.

Alejandro H (br) wrote: chingona chingona perrrona

Kimberly K (mx) wrote: This is pretty much the best movie of all time.

Nancy G (es) wrote: ...I still listen to the soundtrack!!!

Danny R (ca) wrote: Joseph Sargent's captivating exciting classic is one of the most iconic of the '70's hard-boiled crime flicks, which was based on the best-selling novel John Godey. It concerns a gang of heavy-armed men with machine guns who hijack a Lexington line subway train in Manhattan, and then threaten to kill one hostage per minute unless they are payed a million dollars in small bills. As bad guys go, they don't get much better than these heavies, Robert Shaw is chilling and delivers a memorable performance as Mr. Blue, the mastermind and cold-blooded leader of group, Earl Hindman is superb, as Mr. Brown, who is a genuinely disquieting presence, silent and brooding with a crazy man's glare, Hector Elizondo is terrific in a scene-stealing turn as the psychotic and insubordinate Mr. Gray, the gang's wild card, Elizondo raises the stakes throughout with his itchy trigger finger and naked contempt for the group's leader Mr. Blue. Martin Balsam delivers a fine performance as Mr. Green, the disgruntled TA worker and most reluctant terrorist. Balsam brings a sympathetic quality to his role. On the other side of the coin we have Lt. Zachary Garber of the transit police, played to grumpy perfection by veteran character actor Walter Matthau, who is just wonderful in the role with his hangdog looks. Lt. Garber must ad-lib and shrewdly stall for time until the ransom is delivered or a rescue can be made, but it will become a battle of wits and a deadly game of cat and mouse between the sharp-witted Lt. Garber and the crafty Mr. Blue, that will lead to a nail-biting conclusion. As crime films go, Pelham is uniquely amusing. It is filled with enough jokes and clever one-liners, but screenwriter Peter Stone and director Joseph Sargent wisely play their bad guys straight. With little more than their presence, the hijackers create a tension so nerve-racking that the deaths of innocent people feel both shocking and inevitable. Astute direction by Joseph Sergent with colorful supporting performances by Dick O'Neill, James Broderick, Tony Roberts, Lee Wallace, Jerry Stiller, Kenneth McMillan and Julius Harris. A 70s gem and one of the best heist films of all-time. Highly Recommended.

Vadim D (fr) wrote: Light comedy and easily forgettable. Just another silly picture from the 60s.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: Beloved characters Jay and Silent bob finally get a chance to star in their own movie, Which Director and screenwriter Kevin Smith makes the most of with his typical high brow yet dialogue driven humor