Five Moons Plaza

Five Moons Plaza

Just the night before his retirement District Attorney Saracini is given a film showing the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. As the District Attorney takes on the case he along with his team finds more compelling and secretive evidences. Too many secrets are found that should stayed as secrets.

One of the main players in Italian politics, Aldo Moro, gets kidnapped and murdered by terrorists. One judge finds evidence that put new dangerous light on the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony C (us) wrote: One of the most important and personally influential documentaries I've ever seen.

Timm S (ag) wrote: The Material Is Dark, But Watched In The Right Mood / Frame Of Mind;It Is An Enriching, Thought-Provoking Experience. My Mum Often Says You Only Ever Fail When You Fail To Try.

Frances H (de) wrote: An interesting movie, but the plot was too far-fetched for me, too convoluted. And to think that there is anything honorable about the professional fighting business (and that's all that it is, and a dirty business, too) is also a bit of a stretch. Ejiofor is a pleasure to watch as usual, and one of the only reasons I watched this film. And in the movies is the only way I watch violent sports, because otherwise the violence men are doing to their bodies for money is real, as is the damage they do to their bodies, especially concussion-wise, and it is only for money. if people didn't watch, and they weren't paid, they wouldn't do it. What joy and audience can get from watching this sort of thing, which is fixed anyway, because it is a dirty business and the major money is made from gambling on it, another vice that destroys people, I can't understand. It plays to all that is destructive in human nature, something we should try to curb in ourselves, not revel in. In the animal world, fighting is to survive--for food or mates, and their are not onlookers getting a vicarious thrill from it. Therefore, the animal world is more "honorable" than human beings, in my eyes. As human beings, we have not progressed much from the Romans--their fighters were fighting for their lives, not money, but like the Roman civilization, the real money is made by gambling and those who set up the fights, and do not suffer the pain.

Dimitris L (kr) wrote: At the beginning I thought it was another masterpiece by Zhang Yimou, but I was wrong! The elements that made Hero and House of Flying Daggers so unique are overdone here. And after a colorful show without soul, a pop song at end credits just gives the final stab to something that faced great difficulty to stay alive...

Patricio R (de) wrote: Excellent documentary. A must-see if you are into political warfare. For one thing, it's sad to see how far from actual ideas you have to be to win an election, but for another, perhaps (and I am realizing now that it was unconsciously in my case) that is what renders politics so interesting and so appealing for some people. So Goes The Nation made my Saturday night.

Huw G (kr) wrote: Very average. Plenty of action.

Dena S (it) wrote: a big fan of Van Damme and i don't understand why his name is the first on the video we hardly see him. the movie was good but a let down if you are here to watch Van Damme fight

Greg W (es) wrote: people took acid to get this one done-what more need i say?

Morris N (ru) wrote: Charming. Gary Cooper is too old for the part, but it works even so.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Green for Go get this one!!

David S (it) wrote: Cary Grant and Irene Dunne? Golden age perfection. Added bonus: Cary's "roommate" Randolph Scott.

Armando P (us) wrote: Needs more in-depth story but Jackson's talent for visuals are relevant as hell.

Binura K (jp) wrote: A great coming o age movie with great acting from a relatively unknown cast. Disclaimer: This movie could make you cry

Brian N (de) wrote: This is an odd little horror film that's almost too cheesy but it sort of all works.