Five on the Black Hand Side

Five on the Black Hand Side

Leonard Jackson plays a barber who is also the domineering head of a middle-class African American family. Jackson is forced to rethink his values when his previously docile wife (Clarice Taylor) joins their three children in rebelling against her husband's retrogressive behavior.

In contrast to most of the violence-laden "blaxploitation" films of the period, this low-budget effort eschews exploitation for humanity and domestic drama. Leonard Jackson plays a barber ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian P (au) wrote: The movie wouldn't be easily understand by people who are not into directing, writing or producing movies as the movie is about the people behind making a film and not about Eugene Domingo in character that is billed by the TV ad trailers. So you'll be disappointed if you think that this movie all about Eugene Domingo. Yup, she starred here and gave a strong comedy performance and dialogue especially on the last 30 minutes of the movie but that's her only solid part. The rest was an ambition and struggle of film makers to make an independent movie and presentation of an ugly reality of poverty in the country. There are also boring moments in the film. I think this movie is overrated because of Eugene starer but it is entertaining and funny yet a satirical take on Philippine indie movie world.

Tuukka P (ag) wrote: Michael Douglas stars as a 60-year-old man still trying to live a life of a younger man. Quit typical drama built to its star but the story is not that interesting. Average Hollywood drama.

Richard P (it) wrote: Great car loving documentary

Maryam T (ru) wrote: Just an average romantic comedy.

Daniel G (fr) wrote: Soooo much better than I thought it would be! Very funny!

William R (ag) wrote: Actually really not bad and one of my favourites of Harrison Ford

Eric H (nl) wrote: Now i'm a fan of chezzy movies. I love toho movie, i like some direct to video stuff. heck i loved Dude where's my car. But when you take a great game like mortal kombat (even though it is mindless violence, buts that's what makes it so cool) and make a hard blown, fatal attempt, crashed before if even took off POS like MKA, well, theres only so much one can stand. I remember going to the theaters when this came out, when i was younger and craved the mindless action and violence of mortal kombat, and loving the first one, only to sit in a dark room for an hour and a half, watching this debacal before me in a sold out crowd (half who were on the train of thought as me as thinking that this SUCKS!) I was ashamed that i paid to see this. This was the first movie i ever thought truly sucked. Even in my younger age, when i would watch anything and like it, i walked out of that theater that day, with just a little less respect for mortal Kombat, and a very disappointed kid. I hope that new line does the right thing and burns and crucifes all remaining copies of this movie. Burn MKA. BURN!!!!!

Mickaw90 (us) wrote: The story sounded cool but the film itself was disappointment. The movie is weird. Once again Gary Oldman done incredible performance. Also Lena Olin made very good role was strong with Oldman`s performance.

Steve J (br) wrote: I think this may be the best 70s noir, and I'm very aware it's up against some stiff competition (see Chinatown, The Long Goodbye, etc). I also think it may be Gene Hackman's finest hour, and yes, I'm also aware of Bonnie and Clyde and The Conversation. Arthur Penn, who directed Bonnie and Clyde, directs this film as well; it's a subtly devastating story, in which the mystery we follow is NOT the mystery actually being unfolded, but like our hero we learn this too late. Hackman plays Harry Moseby, a private eye in LA who clings to a certain old-fashioned concept of what a man, and specifically a private eye, should be. It's a concept that already seems passe in the decadent, cynical mid-70s LA the film depicts. At the start, Harry is hired by an aged starlet to find her teenage daughter. Hackman tracks the wayward girl all the way to Florida, and after an interlude there, he is finally able to bring her back home. However in the process he uncovers a much larger secret, and revealing that secret to the world may bring Harry the redemption he seems only half-aware that he seeks...or it may destroy him. This is a frustrating story to synopsize, because it is so reliant on the element of surprise to be effective (it is a mystery, after all), so the best advice I can give you is JUST GO WATCH IT.

Des B (nl) wrote: Very funny satire - much under rated and over looked.

John D (es) wrote: Average Elvis. Notable for Stanwyck. Leonard Maltin says Raquel Welch makes an appearance!?! Might have to go back and look for that.

Nancy S (de) wrote: I could look at it over. very touching.....

Tommy H (ag) wrote: I only watched it because Robert Heinlein was involved. From Heinlein I expected something more thought-provoking. The movie has many pleasant shots of the moons surface and the spaceship in space. What really holds it back is how overly dramatic the film is. They stress the importance of what they're doing while showing us outdated set pieces.

Cilla S (de) wrote: This film was extremely refreshing in it's take on Christian culture. It had me laughing while also causing me to think about my faith!

Al M (es) wrote: I had high hopes for Embrace of the Vampire, and it did certainly feature a promising first act filled with dark temptations and eroticism, but the film fails to develop in any truly significant way. While it is an enjoyably different vampire film, it does not truly capitalize upon the elements it puts into play.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Pretty terrible action film that I only watched because I love Mickey Rourke and I wanted to put something on that only deserved half of my attention while I worked on my laptop. The film is about a Muslim detective and an American posing as a graduate student trying to find the man behind a series of terrorist bombings in Indonesia. The mad bomber is none other than a white suited, greasy haired Mickey Rourke. Rourke is in full goofball mode here, sniffing flowers, wearing ridiculous looking sarongs, and simply doing what I suspect was trying to give hie character something more than what was in the script. The main thing I enjoyed about this film is trying to imaging that Rourke was the same character he played in "Double Team" and had somehow lived. Just as in "Double Team" Rourke does get a slow motion shot of himself walking away form an explosion he was responsible for. That was about as good as this film got. Probably only worth watching for Rourke completionists (which I count myself among).

Sandra W (gb) wrote: A good movie to just sit and watch something mindless, perfect for when you are in the mood for nothing but explorations and what seems like an okay story line. But then again when Butler is in the lead one can't complain about watching the movie too much ;)

Arturo G (gb) wrote: I liked the subject. Never thought of that kind of job... Predictable towards the end