Fix Alert

Fix Alert

This film is a puzzle, which fits together in many different ways, only one of which is right. And all of which are deadly.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Fix Alert 2005 full movies, Fix Alert torrents movie

This film is a puzzle, which fits together in many different ways, only one of which is right. And all of which are deadly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fix Alert torrent reviews

Marko S (it) wrote: If you ignore all plot holes, the incorrect science and the crappy acting, it sort of works half way.

Darrin C (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this one as our sadistic meany Rusty Nail got lots more of a role than the previous film. This could really turn into a whole new horror genre called Terror-Trucker! I'd love it!

JJ W (ag) wrote: The movie goes extremely far in bringing across it's symbolism and point in its writing. Thus, it can be very hard to sit through without unintentional laughing. Had the movie toned down a bit of it's ambitious it could be another Juno. But you do have to admire the intentions as the movie was very well thought out. And, interestingly enough, the movie does serve to act as a "vanguard" to men rather than to demonize them. Had the movie been a little more grounded it could have been fantastic. Either way, atleast it wasn't another soulless romantic comedy.

Bengel W (ca) wrote: Great laughter ensued at the really bad back projection during the car journey at 8 minutes in; I thought that had died in the 80s. A rough and tumble story that stalks the gutters of humanity with lots of shootings that are realistically bloody and gory. Never before have a set of actors needed to hit the stupidity of the human condition, head on in such detail. It becomes a compelling story despite the odd bad part. The ending has a great reveal so worth the watch if you like the realistic murder mayhem style of movie. Nibbles: Black Pudding.

Carl N (de) wrote: I had been looking forward for a long time to watching this sequel. Although it had everything I was expecting and wanting. Gore, blood, guts, laughs and wanton nudity. Why was I left disappointed by this film? First off the comedy aspect of the film seems really pushed at times. The cast seem to be trying to hard at being funny. But the biggest disappointment for me was the sound. Seriously what the hell was going on with the sound track? It sounded awful, it truly sounds like the whole thing has been re-dubbed? I was so put off by the sound that I was focussed on the crap sound rather the action on the screen. I must admit that on Blu-Ray the film looked stunning. Watching Christa Campbell in full 1080p is a real treat. One thing that I enjoyed about the first film was the creative ways that the hillbillies killed off the northerners. So I was very disappointed that there is only one really extreme death in this. I thought Bill Moseley did a fine job taking over as Mayor Buckman and Lin Shaye is hilarious as Granny. But this sequel could have been so much better. Oh and did I mention that the sound was awful?

Hentie J (ru) wrote: My favourite Peter Weir movie. Both leads are wonderfully charming; Depardieu shines in a role written specifically for him by Weir, and MacDowell delivers her best performance ever. Great but understated cinematography by Geoffrey Simpson (I love the scene where Bront (C) starts working on her garden before she's even unpacked), and a score that just sticks in your head, all the way from the opening scene with the subway drummer who imitates the sound of the train, through Hans Zimmer's haunting "For Bront (C)," down to the Emmaus Group Singers' "Eyes On the Prize" (unfortunately not included on the soundtrack) that accompanies the closing scene.When, in retrospect, one considers the short time frame in which the story is supposed to unfold, it does seem a little far-fetched, but whenever I watch the movie I forget about all that. The story, the characters and the individual scenes are so compelling that my disbelief is suspended effortlessly. I also love that Weir chose to leave the story slightly open-ended (although I think that the music offers a hint about how things are likely to turn out).

Trevor S (au) wrote: King David has an emotional range of A to Z. Richard Gere not so much. David should sue for slander.

Kelly B (jp) wrote: One of the best 'procedurals' every made

sean t (au) wrote: Mrs. Neshat is a great photographer who basically do not know anything about cinema. While each plan of the movie was so well made that you could frame it and put it on the wall, the acting was a disaster to the point that the audience would be distracted from the movie! the only exception was Shabnam Toloui.

Joan R (nl) wrote: Good suspense movie for the the lovers of all movies B&W. Not sure, until the end, who the good guys are. Got hooked on this one through TCM. I give it 4 stars. Worth renting.

John W (br) wrote: Starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. Unlike their lesser 1938 collaboration "Bringing Up Baby," this is a Grant/Hepburn vehicle that, while often comedic, has a serious statement to make. In a similar way to another Columbia release that year, "You Can't Take It With You," this is a film which champions individuality and unconventionality. Directed with typical wit and style by George Cukor.

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: The biggest problem with Seltzer-Friedberg movies is they are never sure if they want to be mean-spirited, light-hearted or both. Whatever Vampires Suck is trying to be, it fails miserably.