A documentary about fixed gear cycling.

Fixation is a documentary, focusing on the thrilling world of fixed gear cycling. This film captures the excitement and popularity of this growing sport from all perspectives. With the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Collin R (br) wrote: winner of worst movie ever made, period

James F (gb) wrote: This is a pretty good film, I really enjoyed it, don't listen to all the heavy critics, take it lightly, with a pinch of salt.

Jay K (kr) wrote: Requiem for a Killer is the story of a female assassin. In a way the easy comparison is with the excellent Hanna which came out earlier this year. However, Hanna is a far superior piece of work with an interesting backstory and a unique protagonist. Requiem fails on both counts. Melanie Laurent plays Lucrce, our contract killer slash operatic soprano. She can break your heart with her angelic voice and stop it with poisoned wine. It's all very ridiculous. The film plays its story with earnest, however, deadly serious in allowing the agent in pursuit of her - on her final killing before retirement of course - to play guitar in the orchestra she's sent to as her cover.We're in Switzerland and everybody seems to be watching everyone else. The killer, the spy, the secret agent, the handler, the other killer. Behind it all is the evil BRITISH OIL who want to build a pipeline through the Scottish land of the lead singer in the upcoming opera. Moments that need to be shocking arrive impressively out of nowhere. It's very difficult not to believe that you're watching an incredibly subtle send up of the entire genre. Even though you aren't, the film still works as somewhat of a pastiche of spy games and assassination plots. At moments it's downright hilarious. It's also very watchable in a popcorn kind of way. Laurent is as beautiful as the Swiss landscapes and a few of the individual scenes are undeniably enjoyable with a few pinches of salt more than usual.The film's opening deserves a mention for it's absurdity if nothing else. One moment we see Lucrce doing her singing, then she's watching her daughter's violin performance, the next moment she's releasing some cats in a church (for a ludicrously chance role in our introductory killing) and sabotaging the sacramental wafers. Meanwhile her handler is watching via CCTV and eating some lemons.The British Oil story feels tacked on, unnecessarily book ending the film without providing enough to make the story any more believable. It does however lead to the film's best line - spoken in English; "You have carte blanche, Reverend, whatever it costs. Provided of course that Alexander Child's death passes as an accident." Very subtle. And yes, that's the terrible Reverend who organises all the big contract killings in Central Europe. There are all the usual clichs to go with the one-last-job story; the secrets the handler has of the assassin's past, the shadowy businessmen, the innocent and unwitting bystander, and so on.Requime pour une tueuse is certainly not a great film, but it is worth it for Laurent alone and for the quick demise of the mentally-handicapped gardener. Just try not to laugh too much. Or maybe that's the point.

Jonathan C (gb) wrote: Gerard Butler is almost a super villain in this tale of a man robbed of justice by the legal system. It holds your interest, but it is a violent as hell popcorn movie.

Noah S (ca) wrote: Silly movie where the Lonely Island crew as well as Bill Harder and Danny McBride throw together some great jokes making for a good sleepover laugh.

TJ L (jp) wrote: Hilarious and super enjoyable coming of age story. Don't expect something serious. Hess provides a great family film that is enjoyable for all.

Christopher L (it) wrote: Oh my God, it's Kenny!! Kenny on ice. Perhaps an alternative title for the film. But it's about one of my non-Steve-McQueen-heroes, so I salute your effort, Mr. Branagh. *salutes* The Lipless Wonder rocks the boat (literally, in one scene) in this fairly accurate account of the Endurance expedition. Despite this, it can drag on. Nobody really cares what was happening in London at the time. We just want the scenes in Iceland (and yes, I'm geeky enough to know that, while referring to the South Pole in a silly term, the movie was filmed largely around Iceland's northern coast). I also want a pet penguin.

Guilherme J (mx) wrote: Superior animao de 1985 em quase todos os aspectos. Infelizmente, repete o mesmo erro de jamais explicar as leis e particularidades do universo peculiar que busca retratar.

Andy P (gb) wrote: Bresson invests Au Hasard Balthazar with a remarkable intensity that is only enhanced by the stark and austere visual style. It's a tremendously powerful allegory on human cruelty and suffering and a study in saintliness, with the eponymous donkey used as a symbol of virtue and salvation. It's one of the most transcendent art house films of the 20th century.

Greg W (de) wrote: another lost review with flixter losing so many I sometimes wonder if I did review/rate it but this one I KNOW I did right after seeing in the theater-grrr

Joel A (ca) wrote: To my surprise a really charming low key film about a discredited professor on search for the Loch Ness in Scotland.On his travels he comes across pub owner Joely Richardson & sparks fly, also her daughter is also key to Loch Ness.Filled with good humour, nice simple story & great characters. I was quite surprised how poorly this film was at the Box Office, it has a lot going for it...a rare treat!

Al P (gb) wrote: Some people want to preserve their FAVORITES.

Anthony S (gb) wrote: I guess Francis Ford Coppola directed 70% of this and Wim Wenders directed 30%. You can't tell and I thought the film was pretty decent.

Xavier d (au) wrote: "Erszebeth Bathory" and "Therese Philosophe" are magnificent, "Lucretia Borgia" is great, "The Tide" is a little out of place. I like Borowczyk.

Raphael G (ru) wrote: Crazy plot, some things I simply don't believe would appen as they did in the movie, but who cares? It is fun, and it keeps you hooked.

Stephen L (ca) wrote: Caine can't seem to settle onto an American accent to use. And the more the movie goes on you realize just how unlikeable the character is until, ultimately, there is no point in watching it at all.

Rita F (gb) wrote: It didnt go according to the book, which i loved, and the acting was awful

Victoria K (jp) wrote: Excellent!!! Jane Fonda is brilliant!!!!!!!!