Fjällbackamorden: Vänner för livet

Fjällbackamorden: Vänner för livet

The successful detective writer, Erica Falck, is thinking that her next book should be based on a true mysterious event from her childhood. When she was only 13 years old one of her dear ...

The successful detective writer, Erica Falck, is thinking that her next book should be based on a true mysterious event from her childhood. When she was only 13 years old one of her dear ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan B (es) wrote: I think that we are all a lot more savvy about on-line relationships these days. We've all heard the stories of dates that have been arranged via the internet and when the person shows up, the photo is about 15 years old and several kilos lighter than the person we saw on the screen. When Catfish was made, this kind of situation was less in the public eye and so watching Nev Schulman begin to converse with a young woman, first via a chatroom and e-mail and then on the phone sets alarm bells ringing. Made up of candid clips filmed by Nev's brother Ariel and a friend Henry Joost, Catfish is a compelling documentary of a modern phenomenon, the "Internet Relationship". We see how Nev and the young woman gradually form a bond, how Nev learns about a distant family and begins to construct a story that fills in the narrative. Right from the offing, as a viewer, you just know it isn't going to be the amazing romance Nev has in mind and gradually suspicions grow as the story begins to fall apart. What I was totally unprepared for was quite how the story would unfold as what happens really is so strange and compelling that I was left both stunned and moved by the plight of all involved. Catfish really drew me in and had me guessing in a way that many movies can only aspire to. Truth really can be stranger than fiction and the fact that the three young filmmakers manage to present this story in a manner that is neither judgmental or sensationalist is a testament to their humanity and maturity. Catfish is one of those documentaries that despite having dark moments and causes for concern about society is ultimately uplifting and refreshing in outlook.

Chris R (gb) wrote: People usually thing my taste in movies sucks. But honestly I really like this movie. Its lighthearted, very little depth, which honestly isn't a bad thing. Sometimes I just want to watch a nice cookie cutter movie that just entertains me and warms my soul. This movie has no underlying meaning that makes me think the world is out to get me, its just a good movie about an over the top rivalry over a girl. Its fun, and its got a few laughs. Sometimes a movie is just that, a movie and its sole purpose is to entertain you out of boredom for an hour and a half and leave you with a small smile on your face.

Clay B (kr) wrote: AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR (1994)

Bill C (br) wrote: Hire is a persons who?s good taste intelligence and aspirations in life far outrun his position in life, race and appearance. I was originally confused on the time-line and was the woman in flashbacks and dead in the dead woman investigated in the present, but they both are in the present. Beautifully shot and not as much nudity as you would think from the trailer. Patrice Leconte makes the main character very unbalanced but as the plot develops he fills in most of the blanks.

Michelle W (nl) wrote: Fast paced nonstop action with excellent acting!

Nina S (ru) wrote: I want to find this hackneyed, but Ophuls's camera work is too good. I'd give it four stars if the actors weren't all slightly less than adequate.

Steve W (kr) wrote: Western comedy finds an extremely corrupt town in need of a new sheriff when they take care of the old one. They let the town drunk be the new guy, until he calls for the son of an old legendary lawman, Destry. Too bad his son doesn't believe his guns, and uses his wits instead of bullets to take on the badguys. This film would inspire Blazing Saddles, and the comparisons are obvious. The film's third act is one the weaker side, but this movie has Stewart and Dietrich at their absolute best, and its a sure fire winner of a western.