Fjorton suger

Fjorton suger

A night out ends in tears for a young girl who keeps her secrets safe and her emotions bottled up.

A night out ends in tears for a young girl who keeps her secrets safe and her emotions bottled up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JC D (us) wrote: Pretty good doc. Some interesting info about the music industry. Jared Leto is still weird though.

Jonathan D (ag) wrote: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in this romantic action-comedy about an unfailingly polite (and somewhat crazy) spy and the girl next door he falls for. No matter your opinion on Tom Cruise, he is a hoot here as he spoofs his own "invincible action hero" screen image as well as his own eccentric real-life persona. In no other film has he made me laugh so hard. Diaz, for her part, evolves slowly from damsel-in-distress to a strong and courageous action heroine, and she is a surprisingly good comic and romantic foil for Cruise. Their chemistry, terrific action sequences, and very funny dialogue carry the film over its rather formulaic plot, some slow patches, and wide gaps in the narrative. Knight and Day is a great date movie for those looking for a balance of laughs, thrills, and romance. Audiences should know that there is brief strong language, a couple of innuendos (and the stars briefly appear in swimwear), and a good deal of violence, though the tone of the latter is so over-the-top that it is clearly dark humor and parody of the ridiculousness of "invincible action-hero" movies. Still, those troubled by any of the above should look elsewhere.

Milly B (ag) wrote: Why, oh why did I waste my time with this garbage.

Jan K (br) wrote: S osympatisk och s rolig och s sorglig huvudperson...

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Directed by Olivier Assayas, (Cold Water (1994), Boarding Gate (2007) and Summer Hours (2008)), this is a very offbeat comedy-drama which takes a candid look at filmmaking and turns it on it's head more than once or twice. It was meant as a comment on French cinema in the mid-1990's, and what was going on, but it owes a debt of gratitude to Franois Truffaut's Day For Night (1973), which Assayas cites as heavy inspiration. It has Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung (playing herself) coming to France to act in a remake of Les Vampires (1915), being reimagined by director Ren Vidal (Jean-Pierre Laud). Cheung will be playing the part of Irma Vep (an anagram of vampire), who spends most of the film remake dressed in a tight, black, latex rubber catsuit. However, as time goes on, Cheung finds herself becoming Irma Vep, and finds herself going out acreoss the rooftops of Paris in the catsuit, meanwhile the film's costume designer Zoe (Nathalie Richard) and director Vidal develop love crushes on Cheung as Irma Vep. It's a very original way of doing a film within a film, and the film switches back and forth between French and English at the flick of a switch, and it has some weird montages too, but it's a look about the nightmares directors face when making films and the horror at having to compromise. Assayas does good with the material and it's a good way of doing a remake, show it from another perspective, pull and and show it being made.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: I seem to be part of the minority who wasn't particularly blown away by Sorvino's performance. It's more to do with her vocal tones more than anything else, without wanting to sound particularly unfair they irritated me. Allen's writing is solid, as is his acting, but I didn't laugh as much as I would have expected to. There are redeeming features though, as is common with Allen's work Mighty Aphrodite is an easy film to watch and although the humour isn't as strong as with much of his other films this is ultimately a warm-hearted effort.

Anthony P (de) wrote: Very cool story of the 1919 World Series. If you like baseball or gambling you will enjoy this. Great young actors at the peak and/or beginning of their careers.

Stephan R (it) wrote: Finally a movie in this "Serie Noir" that not only satisfies but captivates: Excellent cast and after all those rather dragged-out, implausible and not always interesting plots of movies like "Le Circle Rouge" or "Max et les ferrailleurs" the story grips you and won't let you go. Not all of Ennio Morricone's soundtrack choices work, but place the film firmly in its period.

Bill M (mx) wrote: Deserves a remake in honor of Audrey Totter.

Randy T (ca) wrote: Sad, low-budget knockoff of the Indiana Jones franchise.

John R (gb) wrote: 160203: This is a quaint Disney film. Bullying and struggles of being an outsider play a large part of the story. Because I'm pissed at Disney my rating may be skewed slightly. Put me to tears in the last quarter dammit. Due to it's slower pace; don't think this film would keep young children interested long. It is a good story but just a might slow. Some great, some weak special effects. The acting was hit or miss but features some big names. Hutherson's portrayal of the morose Jesse was well done. Not sure I'll be keeping this film but reflecting on it brings back some good memories.

Dfh98 D (mx) wrote: You really get an idea of what a game politics is,