Flacari pe comori

Flacari pe comori


Inspired by the novel “Archangels” written by Ion Agarbiceanu. A film about the fascination of gold and the mirage of fast enrichment. Inspirat din romanul “Arhanghelii” de Ion Agarbiceanu. Un film despre fascinatia aurului si mirajul imbogatirii rapide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flacari pe comori torrent reviews

Dragonfly W (nl) wrote: wow! an eye opener!

Darryl B (kr) wrote: love this guy tommy lee

Maureen N (ag) wrote: Never knew about this going on before I was born. Only knew about the Nazi's and Pearl Harbor pretty much. Amazing story and very informational

Aaron R (jp) wrote: My first Jodorowsky film. It is bizarre and disorienting but at the same time carefully put together. Through all of the weirdness, and there is plenty, this is at its core a pretty interesting movie. I started to like it more after thinking about it a bit and I think more viewings will only improve it.

Kathleen C (it) wrote: "If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human being, you'd be a game show host." Great classic, love those two.

Tyrone R (de) wrote: the movie is good but drags a little in the middle with a lag of action.

Daniel K (kr) wrote: 3: This is some extremely inspiring and artistic propaganda. The Nazi's have it beat, with Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will and Olympia, but more because of subject matter than anything else. This probably isn't the Soviet's best either, as I'd say that would fall to Eisenstein. Still, it is beautiful and inspiring to the very end. There are times when one can't help but feel a swell of emotion and have one's breath taken away. The beating of the heart/drum as we learn that the final protagonist has indeed survived is superb. The desolate Siberian landscapes are sweeping and epic, while the message seems clear: one must sacrifice and remain loyal and steadfast to the end in order to serve the fatherland (as it was translated here). It seems to have been tailor made to inspire it's target audience, the Soviet citizen. For me, the fantasies of an industrial utopian revolution when coupled with the pristine beauty couldn't help but bring to mind the great state of Utah's motto.

Aditya M (kr) wrote: A bit longer than it could have been, but damn the music is heavenly, and the movie is brilliantly inventive with its visuals. A must-watch for Beatles nuts.

Nick I (br) wrote: Bruce and Tracy make out to be great friends on camera with goofy humor and suspenseful action throughout

Tsukasa A (es) wrote: Process of writing music is fun.