Flacas Vacas

Flacas Vacas

Flacas Vacas is an ironic comedy about unhealthy friendship among women. Olga, Teresa and Magdalena have been friends since they were born. After a few years of not seeing each other, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shae S (ru) wrote: Cyril's adoptive mother is an amazing character. Really good movie.

Srn G (fr) wrote: G saga og virkilega fnir leikarar.

Mako S (kr) wrote: Love this movie, awesome soundtrack too!!!

Joshua M (nl) wrote: This was one of the films I was most looking forward to and I was let down. It isn't a terrible movie, but I expected much more. Clive Owen does a good job and the cinematography is good though.

Phil P (nl) wrote: I was the only kid I knew who like Babar

Gordon S (au) wrote: absolutely heartbreaking. loach has a special genius for realism and social commentary without preachiness.

Ken T (es) wrote: Interesting twist of events and...Oh, let's bury the loot in the yard. Worth one look especially if you are bored and there is nothing else on..."

Alexander W (br) wrote: Funny in a very violent kind of way.

Madeleine M (ca) wrote: i love this movie so hard. songlian is a heroine, not the i-wanna-inject-you-and-listen-to-jazz heroin, but a beautiful and lonely victim of circumstance. this movie will haunt you.

Eric W (jp) wrote: It's a movie you put on in the background while you're doing something else.

Logan M (ca) wrote: Not a single thing about this movie is original. Literally everything about has been seen and done before.

Simon R (us) wrote: Not a great film. Not worthy of the Die Hard name. The driving scene was great but that's all.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Tom Hardy should have won an Oscar for this movie. At the very least, he should have been nominated.

Jason S (jp) wrote: Reflective of another time's humor. Many of the jokes no longer work and the date rape scene is very frustrating to watch.