Flaka e maleve

Flaka e maleve


  • Category:Drama
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  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Albania
  • Director:Vladimir Kasa
  • Writer:N/A

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Andy S (gb) wrote: While this is a well-made and balanced documentary, as a Christian, I honestly don't really even regard "the rapture" as important. If it happens in my lifetime, GREAT, but it could also happen 1,000 years from now. In the end this film appears to be trying to paint all sides involved as desiring war, while that may be true of some hoping to speed their way to the 2nd coming, I hardly think that is the general thought of all believers of the main faiths of the world.

Connor K (nl) wrote: Of course, Tarzan II never reaches the heights of the original, but it's a reasonably entertaining ride and better than most of the atrocious Disney direct-to-video sequels. That' really all there is to say.

Rick R (es) wrote: i never watched this movie all the way through till today lol it has a lot of stars in it and was kinda funny

Matt R (fr) wrote: "Everyone in uniforms are brothers." -Sgt. HoI definitely had the wrong idea going into this film. It was my first Johnny To film and the cover art for the Dragon Dynasty version of the film made it look like an action oriented cop drama. To say that my initial concept going into the film was wrong is a bit of an understatement. Hell, I'm pretty sure that this was pretty much the exact opposite of what I expected. Yet, I still found this film to be inexplicably fascinating throughout and one of my favorite watches as of late."PTU" is a minimalist film. That's right, lets take a cop drama and have almost no dialogue, no action, and a storyline that never ever over explains itself. It was a ballsy move on Johnny To's part and not only does he make it work but he makes it memorable in every scene and builds a dynamic atmosphere of tension and foreboding doom.The simplistic story goes as such. One night, the son of a Triad gangster finds himself dead and as frantic detective scrambles to find his lost police issued gun, gets himself and a team of officers caught in an oncoming gang war. Sounds as though it could have been action packed, right? But the focus comes down to the tension and the waiting game as the officers hinge on one another to find a lost gun before it creates an eruption between two rival gangs. At times I had trouble following the story, the dialogue definitely makes the viewer have to piece it together themselves and it leaves a lot of things unverified and left to interpretation (for example, the three crying women in the abandoned complex which many have debated of their significance and why factor of their need in the film). At times I wished they would have explained a bit more - I'm American I'm not used to having to think on my own! - but its minimalist approach has significant charm in the overall film.The acting was superb. Again, due to its minimalist dialogue and depth of story, lots of emphasis was placed on the subtlety of the acting and the spare moments one is given. Which happens to be one of Simon Yam's strongest suits and his performance in this film is rather riveting. Between him and Suet Lam (whom plays the detective whose lost his gun in a fight) there is little time for the supporting cast but each make it worth their time on screen.I have to admit, even with the wrong expectations going into the film I found "PTU" to be a riveting and intense film experience. The acting, the drama, the tension, and the atmosphere are all amazing and carry this film's minimalist approach beautifully. This is definitely not a film for everyone and if you can't stand almost no score, no dialogue, and no daylight then this is not for you. Otherwise just enjoy the visual work. Bravo To for having the balls to do this film.

Sooty M (nl) wrote: If there is something I want from this film, it would be some memory of summer that the Mundy family had, that is like the dream of music and dance.

Susanne T (de) wrote: a must see for all fans of martial arts

Lanky Man P (jp) wrote: The best musical ever!

David G (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies!

Spencer H (au) wrote: Strangers on a Train is Hitchcock at his best, it's thrilling and all out incredible.

Abhisek D (kr) wrote: Coming from the directors who have made great animated films in the past such as Little Mermaid, Hercules, and Aladdin. With this film, one I loved when I was a child, I just feel as if some magic is missing. The atmosphere and setup is very nice but once the main conflict comes along, it just feels boring. It just seemed as if there was so much more that could have been explored in this film, which the setup leads us to believe there would have been. Creating an amazing atmosphere with pirates in space is fantastic but as a film, it needs to engage the audiences more instead of having so much of the movie take place on the same ship. And introducing an annoying and over-the-top character at the end of the film does not help it by any means. By the time the climax comes around, it seems too predictable as well and had me losing interest. Overall, the film isn't bad by any means and in fact, it is entertaining, but watching this film being much older now, I can see its many flaws. However, it still manages to have some sort of charm to it and kids may still like it, maybe due to its simplicity.