Flame and Women

Flame and Women

Shingo and Ritsuko have a baby: Takashi. They happen to be a happy couple, but soon Ritsuko wants to know who is the true father of Takashi, born by artificial insemination.

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Dustin I (de) wrote: A tense and chilling portrait of Lizzie Borden with a modern sensibility and an excellent performance by Christina Ricci!

Fabien R (kr) wrote: On pouvait en attendre mieux.

Lina (ca) wrote: A pretend thriller about a Christian community in the suburbs of New Jersey that send their children off to a summer camp each year; Camp Hope.Now, clearly none of these parents have any qualms about ushering their kids off to a camp located smack dab in the middle of the deep woods, miles from civilization with an all knowing head priest in complete control of their every move and thought (no nevermind that he's responsible for bringing Sin into the camp in the first place). This movie is proof that evil exists...because it was made.The only part of this film worth watching is the end, and even then...that's not saying anything.

Mike N (fr) wrote: some cool ideas but the movie as a whole it was just ok...I did enjoy it for the most part though.

Rebecca H (es) wrote: thought this was a pretty decent movie. The acting in some parts of the movie could have used a little work, but other then that i thought it was overall funny, and a decent movie.

Loki L (br) wrote: Bruce Willis ... starting to go off his 'gung ho' attidude in his 'real life'

Lee B (jp) wrote: When i first saw it... i kinda didnt like it...and im a fan of the genre and series...but its grown on me after giving it a chance. I enjoy it now.

Jessie I (ca) wrote: One of my favorite movies! Who ever made the quiz with the movie cover as the picture that has the least number of people taken it needs to do their research on the release date a little better. It came out in 1990 not 2000.

J D (nl) wrote: True story poorly written. Muddled along and then the ending was anticlimactic.

Ahaan M (es) wrote: The more you watch it, the more you love it. Even I wasn't impressed at first when I watched it in cinema. But as I went through watching it again because my cousin forced me to, I was like meh. But the references, the easters and many other things to love came along, I strongly advice you to watch this movie again. I'm sure you'll love it!