Paul Flanagan is released from jail after serving for 8 years. He only has two things on his mind. First: to retrieve the money from the robbery he was convicted for. Secondly: to get revenge on his partners in crime (his half-brother Paul and his ex-lover Cathy), who got away Scot free and never once visited him in jail.

Paul Flanagan is released from jail after serving for 8 years. He only has two things on his mind. First: to retrieve the money from the robbery he was convicted for. Secondly: to get ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliano K (fr) wrote: gory, sick, twisted... i like it!!!11/set;2016

Stephen B (au) wrote: Different in the way that this is really a patriotic piece. A love letter to the grindhouse cinema and all the filth that we have created we are proud of because it is American. Great doc. Good footage. Jon landis is wonderful.

(us) wrote: Cast: Leah Pipes, Kristin Cavallari, Josh Henderson, Andrew Lawrence, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sally Kirkland, Geoffrey Lewis Director: Harry Basil Summary: A small town lies in limbo some 50 years after a horrific accident that saw a train plow into a school bus filled with children. Can a troubled teen (Leah Pipes) fresh out of rehab unlock the truth about what caused the terrible tragedy? My Thoughts: "The poster to this film is scarier then the actual film. The story is what is interesting. The things that was done to the children was pretty awful. The acting was OK. Some acting was a little over the top which made some scenes a bit cheesy. Not a bad film to pass your time with. But there's definitely nothing special or scary about this film. Well, unless you scare easily."

TTT C (it) wrote: (** 1/2) This film is not nearly as bad as people are saying. If you like ghost story movies, you'll like most of it but you'll still realize that it is not one of the better ones.

Sebastian H (it) wrote: I hate Helena Bonham Carter, but it's a decent movie

Greg W (de) wrote: altman casts his eye on the british class system

Sean K (gb) wrote: "come in the bahamas" hahafunny shit

Oliver N (it) wrote: Notably a step backwards for the beloved franchise from the gem that was Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom still doesn't fail to entertain the audience, even with its slightly darker setting. However, while it does have its moments, you can't help but think - now - it is certainly the weakest in the series. Verdict: B

sherry B (it) wrote: I will always love this movie. It turned me on to opera and Pavarotti's voice.

Walfy W (it) wrote: The movie was made in 1982, not 2005 as Flixter shows.

bill s (it) wrote: The original was not great but looks terrific compared to this awful remake.

James N (jp) wrote: Fred Williamson is the man.

Ibraheem M (jp) wrote: One of the best romantic dramas you'll see in the silent era.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Heartbreaking, poignant and relevant.

Ian C (au) wrote: I still get lots of laughs out of this. It has lots of great characters in High Tower, Mahoney, Jones and my favourite Tackleberry. Harris is such a cunt and an excellent villain. A double twitch off Callahan and Thompson.

Noname (kr) wrote: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is back in a new Walt Disney movie and he have made quite a few good movies actually or well average ones atleast so far. This is a sci fi / adventure flick with some good action scenes aswell for being a Disney production. Not quite for the "youngest" audience actually i would say but other than that its a perfect family movie for this genre. The story follows two siblings with paranormal powers and a taxi driver (Dwayne) must help them escape from a UFO organization.. Overall a pretty good movie with a decent story and great tempo from start til end and i enjoyed it more than expected actually.