Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ming the Merciless, to save Earth.

Although NASA scientists are claiming the unexpected eclipse and strange "hot hail" are nothing to worry about, a football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyranny of Ming the Merciless to save Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nina L (mx) wrote: Odd, uncanny...A story, always the same, without being the same. A woman who meets the life guard, falling in love with him or not, making with him or not...Ok, but the acting is so odd: it seems that they only had one take and that it. Sometimes, they just say their text. However, if you're interested in Korea, you'll see beautiful landscape over the sea.

WS W (fr) wrote: The self-indulgent acting of the late Guillaume Depardieu, Yekaterina Golubeva & Delphine Chuillot have made this already uncomeatable feature further difficult & uncomfortable to watch.

George C (it) wrote: Possibly the best in the series and a brilliant end to the trilogy! Maniac Cop 3 almost leans into the golden age of Hong Kong for a time and give us some exciting gun play, inventive kills and pure entertainment! See it!

Sam M (ru) wrote: Tries hilariously to be another Cheaper by the Dozen--as if one wasn't enough. Not to mention that this is a cast full of actors and actresses who have done better than this.

Steve M (de) wrote: The Shadow of Chinatown Starring: Herman Brix, Joan Barclay, Luana Walters, Maurice Lui, and Bela Lugosi Director: Robert F. Hill A pair of self-loathing "eurasians" (Walters and Lugosi) team up to use their business savaay and scientific know-how to enrich themselves and take their revenge on both the White and Oritental peoples. But they haven't counted on interference from a San Francisco society page reporter wanting to graduate to investigative reporting (Barclay), her Chinese culture-loving private detective friend (Brix), nor the assortment of superflous secondary characters and bumbling henchmen. "The Shadow of Chinatown" that I watched is the feature-film version, which is a condensing of a 15-part serial. That explains for some of the disjointedness of the story, but it doesn't account for the atrociously wooden acting on the part of the actors--except Luana Walters, the only performer who gives a decent accounting of herself--the erratic and contradictory abilities and powers of Lugosi's character, and the lame, anti-climax of the movie's end. This 70-minute version was so dull I almost didn't make it to end. It starts out strong enough with Walters and Lugosi's minions fanning out through Chinatown and terrorizing business patrons while disguised as Chinese gangsters, and providing Barclay's character an opportunity to get captured by the villains and then escape... but then it starts to sink into a mess of bad acting and even worse plotting. Walters remains a bright spot throughout, but she's really the only thing worth watching here.

Maggie R (nl) wrote: This Scooby-Doo movie is one of their few musicals where they are going on vacation, as the Scooby Gang tend to, and Velma takes them to a Vampire Festival. It touches in on pop culture, poking fun at Twilight, and sort of shows the boom of vampire fascination within our culture. They were playing around with music in this film and in some cases it works, but in others it seemed a little silly. The twist is a usual twist within Scooby-Doo movies, it wasn't all that surprising and I wouldn't call it incredibly creative, but the film has some good details such as the town they visit is called Petite Chauve-Souris Ville (Little Bat Town), and the local politician's surname is Poubelle. It is a cute campy cartoon involving the Scooby gang that is a cute family movie with some great musical numbers and some memorable chacters.