Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

A mysterious plague, the Purple Death, ravages the earth. Dr. Zarkov, investigating in his spaceship, finds a ship from planet Mongo seeding the atmosphere with dust. Sure enough, Ming the Merciless is up to his old tricks. So it's back to Mongo for Flash, Dale, and Zarkov, this time with ready-made allies waiting: Prince Barin of Arboria and Queen Fria of the frozen northern land of Frigia; where, it so happens, is found polarite, antidote to the plague. But Ming will use all his forces to keep our heroes from thwarting his plans of conquest.

Flash and his friends return to planet Mongo for an antidote to the Purple Death. But Ming the Merciless has other plans for them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben V (jp) wrote: Awesome documentary. Very humbling.

Ole J (ag) wrote: This is a somewhat strange comedy, its fun and its very different from other movies I have seen.The characters are strange characters and the story is about some of the shenanigans they experience and get into.

thunderwoman stands noon w (de) wrote: i;t a real good movie takes me back when i was the new kid at school and making friends

Joe M (it) wrote: More over the top and thus more ridiculous than Underworld yet if goth-horror-action is what you want Evolution delivers.

Gabriel K (kr) wrote: A beautifully photographed film with very nuanced acting. Everything comes together just perfectly and sets the right mood. The snowy background conveys as much as the leads. The story is minimalist, we are just observing a few days in someone's life and just as in real life, it's not always exciting.

Vivian C (fr) wrote: It combines irony and humor together~~

Anna B (nl) wrote: I feel like Carnahan kinda shanks the third act, and completely bottlenecks the film with massive reams of energy-sapping exposition. If he'd given the script a few more revisions he could have realised that the mystery could have been slowly revealed over the course of the film instead of shoving it all in the mouth of Busta Rhymes and then explaining it even further five minutes later. The first two acts are beautiful and compelling, and then he explains everything, and you're not really left with much to think about.

Laara C (au) wrote: Lovely movie to watch with great country side scenery. I like the romance in this movie, not over the top fairy tale but just two people interacting with each other but with some sort of tension. Its like trying to find out if they have feelings for each other by the body language and the way they interact.

bill s (mx) wrote: This is a rude,crude and funny start to the weekend.

Wut S (nl) wrote: Concept is genius--a German housewife dwelling in dusty Arkansas faking checks and running over 30 credit cards so she could "go shopping" for her family. Once the local shops refuse to accept her checks and credits, she steals from one family member to buy birthday present for another. The film's satirical to American consumerism--Rosalie is addicted to reassurances of American credit system. "Spend now and worry later" must be her motto. Using a credit card to pay for another, and worrying only about paying the interests keep her juggling financially everyday. Though the juggles ain't always clean, Rosalie enjoys being smarter than everyone, exploiting the loopholes of consumerist society. She confesses to a parish priest whenever she's done something wrong, but never shows any signs of guilt. The only time we see her feel guilty is when she ceases to "go shopping" by staying home with the newly bought PC (as her daughter's birthday present). Rosalie "feels right" when she pulls a trick and "feels guilty" when she's not--not a morally ideal repentant , but her priest is fascinated to hear her scams and secrets.Rosalie's family is full of vibrant characters too. Gorgeous cinematography, playful and absurd, this film is witty, funny, and deserving a watch. Look for a subtitled version, for Rosalie's Bavarian-accented English can be fuzzy to comprehend.

RiP M (au) wrote: Incredibly, despite amazing cast, this is more fartsy than artsy. Well-suited to the stage but cinematically lifeless.

Rob T (gb) wrote: Enjoyable old horror. Cheesy probably even back when it was released but is a fun little watch.