Flat 3A

Flat 3A

FLAT 3A chronicles the frightening experience that Fikah and her boyfriend Anas experience, after Fikah moves to a new home. Parallel to that, Wahyu is tracking his missing relative, Fatin, and he is beginning to close in on the terrible mystery that surrounds the haunted flat….3A.

FLAT 3A chronicles the frightening experience that Fikah and her boyfriend Anas experience, after Fikah moves to a new home. Parallel to that, Wahyu is tracking his missing relative, Fatin, and he is beginning to close in on the terrible mystery that surrounds the haunted flat….3A. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vipula G (de) wrote: a movie that should never have been made

Thomas P (ca) wrote: All this talent, it's GOT to be funny, right? Nope.Like watching someone pay bills online.Yes, THAT unfunny.. Only for die-hard fans.Amiable yes. But lame.Lame and labored, w extra boring sauce.The cute kids keep it friendly tho - add half a star.We all want to like this.Great talent wasted on ppl phoning it in. The script is missing the funny and the jokes.Something to fall asleep to on a lazy afternoon. 2.5 out of 5

Supratim N (jp) wrote: not as good as its preceders...........

Nelson C (nl) wrote: An absolutely fascinating story, well told. Well worth watching for anyone interested in music and the people who made it what it is today.

Stefano L (fr) wrote: Neither a masterpiece, altough nice and enjoyable, nor surely a piece of shit as someone who reviewed this film before me said. Too much simple and obvious in some parts, it makes understand things in a way that it's far expected, without waiting the situation of the story develops in a natural way.

Aaron S (au) wrote: Second worst movie I have seen in my life. It had top of the line graphics if it were still the 80s. I could look past the graphics if it weren't for the lack of any sort of plot and the terrible acting. Then again it fit the theme of the night which was bad movies and bad beer, so it worked.

Hank G (kr) wrote: Stunning...revelational...are the words that to mind. Honestly, I'm surprised it even got released!

Ida L (nl) wrote: Really weird, and I can't say I likes it at all

Melvin W (es) wrote: "The mind is a place of its own."Dahmer is a tough film to sit through. I guess that's a pretty obvious trait in a film like this. It's dark and it goes inside the mind of one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Jeremy Renner does a pretty good job as Jeffrey Dahmer, but it's not enough to save this movie for me. For one this film is terribly acted by the supporting cast around Renner and everything about the film comes off as amateurish.These serial killer movies are a weird sub-genre in the horror film genre. Some of them can be good, while still being hard to watch and some can be bad, while being hard to watch. Dahmer definitely falls into the bad definition. It's disturbing, sick, twisted and any other word you could come up with to describe Dahmer, but the film as a whole just doesn't do anything. It's as dull and lifeless as Dahmer, which may be the writer, director's ambition with the material, but it just doesn't work.

Grg W (gb) wrote: a dark twisted film produced by View Askew, kevin smith's film company. not a big surprise that it features a lot of the actors from kevin smith's movies. the main character is william (brian o'halloran), a hopeful but failing man who is trying to make a career as a party clown named flappy. unfortunately for him, most of the people who hire him have had to cancel their parties for one reason or the other, leaving him without money. soon, he comes up with a crazy plan to be a stripper clown to prank people for their bachelor parties. needless to say, his friend syd (bryan johnson), thinks he's crazy. will gets hired, and when he goes to his first job, he finds out that he has gotten into something that he very much wasn't expecting. ed fanelli (jerry lewkowitz) and his two sons frankie (ethan suplee) and gino (matthew maher) take turns abusing, raping him, and leaving him for dead. in the morning, he wakes up and returns home completely empty, and decides to try and go on with his life trying to forget about the incident. the next week, he gets hired for another party, only to find that the birthday girl's father is holding her hostage, causing him to save her life. his heroic act earns him a lot of media coverage, and eventually his own tv show, which makes his life a whole lot better. unfortunately, his fame captures the attention of the men who raped him, and they blackmail him for money. finally, will and syd decide to kill them, to end their reign of terror over him. while this is a dark film, there are rays of light, such as bryan johnson's character syd and his undying friendship to will throughout the movie. the acting is actually pretty good for an independent movie as well, but this film is definitely not for everyone. if you want to see something different than most of the view askew movies, this is one to find.

Janus L (es) wrote: amazing movie and now there is a series :)

David G (nl) wrote: A late 90's Van Damme Yojimbo clone that squanders some early promise to deliver a depressingly sterile adventure full of bad acting, bland characters (I did quite like Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita's random local though), dull action, horrendous cliches, facepalm moments and bad taste. You'd think the Yojimbo story would be pretty hard to fuck up but they've somehow managed it, turning the story of a drifter who tricks two rival gangs into taking each other out into a mindless, boring slog. Avoid.

Scott M (br) wrote: Chick flick about a couple whose relationship gets sabotaged by their jealous friends. I have to say that I really like it. I've seen it many times and love every minute. I especially love Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins passive agressiveness. Good movie.

Nichole W (gb) wrote: I didn't even like black beauty. i say make some glue and dog food.

Greg W (nl) wrote: well crafted cat and mouse melodrama.

Joe S (ag) wrote: Film Noir at its best

Jeff Z (mx) wrote: I love Laurel and Hardy but this film was almost unwatchable. That still makes it better than most of their films of the 1940's. Perhaps this film signaled the beginning of the end. The comedy is on the weak side, scenes just end instead of having a nice comic button and the two romantic leads have the charisma of sandpaper. There is almost no story at all in this film and the songs are completely forgettable with the exception of Hardy's rendition of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" accompanied by Laurel on tuba and the wonderfully titled "I've seen the 7 Wonders of the World, But I can't Get Over the Alps". Really.

Grant H (au) wrote: Awesome movie. It's certainly nothing new when it comes to the story, but with great style, good direction, and incredible commitment and performances from the cast, especially Jackson, the formulaic plot devices can be quickly forgiven.

Mr K (us) wrote: One of my most favorite movies of all times!

Kelby G (fr) wrote: A work of pure excellence, imaginative, funny, terrifyingly real and absolutely heartbreaking