Flat Foot Stooges

Flat Foot Stooges

The stooges are firemen at a station that still uses horses to pull the engines. A salesman who wants to sell the chief some modern equipment plants gun powder in one of the engines. The chiefs daughter catches him and after a chase both are knocked unconscious. When a fire starts, the stooges respond to the alarm, but don't realize its their firehouse that's burning! Somehow they manage to arrive in time to save the girl, and the villain gets his just desserts.

The stooges are firemen at a station that still uses horses to pull the engines. A salesman who wants to sell the chief some modern equipment plants gun powder in one of the engines. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flat Foot Stooges torrent reviews

Gabriel M (de) wrote: This is an atrocity of man. This "film" makes me want to scorch the earth and boil the seas. Also after watching this horror film, I wish to commit genocide.

Augustine H (de) wrote: Such nostalgia is a perfect tribute to the old silent Hollywood era. An excellent movie doesn't have to be piled up by special effects, it could just move the audience by an insightful script, sounding performance from the cast (even without dialogues!) and involving music score. The Artist is a gift for film lovers, and I can see it's going to sweep through the Oscars. P.S. I love the dog!

Tina A (gb) wrote: This movie was about nothing so I really have nothing to say about it.

Sandra S (au) wrote: Well, we were at the Vegas premiere, might as well see it...

NicoleJane D (gb) wrote: it looks real good =D but only in fukin america =[

Kari S (gb) wrote: They should use this movie as an example of how to NOT make a movie. I can't even begin to list all what's wrong about this film but, just to begin with: the directing is horrible and so is the plot. Some of the actors are actually so bad that the characters don't make any sense... or then they're just directed straight to hell. But yeah, it's interesting to see as a bad example.

Elaine L (jp) wrote: Great fun, absolutely hilarious, wonderful acting.

Riccardo Antonio R (jp) wrote: Seagal in his Hey-day before he was a joke. All of his 80's and early 90's films are pretty much the same. They are good, solid, invincible hero/martial arts master films.

Iggy A (ca) wrote: Great script. Top notch acting. And quality production value. They pulled it off very well.It isn't your usual Hollywood tale, but they told it using standard visuals, but still made it special. The mark of a great script and director who didn't get in the way by trying to do too much visually. It is based on an experimental novel worth reading, and the movie did a good job capturing its unique qualities.

RJohn X (ag) wrote: This one has it all! Peter Cushing as an umbrella carrying english professor who builds a massive iron drill that burrows into the earth. Doug McClure plays the spunky American David who disses the girl and then wins her back. All the time they battle men in monster suits and slave driving Ugnaught looking creatures that spoke in keyboard feedback. Plus hot lava and Caroline Munro in a very skimpy outfit! The plot involves a lot of walking. First our heroes are captured and marched to the underground city where these telepathic flying dinosaurs make mincemeat out of maiden fairs. Then there is a lot of tunnel walking back and forth as David escapes, reenters, escapes and then attacks and then escapes in those same tunnels. The fighting is all protective of the latex makeup and prosthetic masks. And the music is a hold over from the Quartermass era of British science fiction. Personally, I loved it. Especially the giant lizard that David has to stab in the ear to kill. That thing was awesome!

Stefan G (fr) wrote: For a film about special effects, this one is more than meets the eye. The film's premise, which revolves around a special effects wizard who's hired to stage a real assassination, immediately seemed like an interesting concept, and to my surprise, it actually works quite well. The characters perform quite well, and they all work within the setting as best as they can. The plot of this movie constantly gets better, as the main character begins to fear for his life to the point of paranoia, and the film doesn't appear to have a lot pacing problems. Of course, a movie called "F/X" is inevitably going to focus on special effects, and for once, this actually makes sense within the context of the story. This film has quite a few stand-out set pieces made specifically for this movie, and they're used quite effectively. There are a few scenes that showcase SFX work being done as part of the plot, and those scenes are among the most immersive that the film has to offer. Overall, this is a movie that lives up to its name, but is also really entertaining in its own right.

Leon B (ag) wrote: Review:I really got frustrated and annoyed with this film because Al Pacino is chatting complete crap from the beginning to the end. I understand that the man is going through a mid-life crisis and he's finding hard to separate his stage acting to real life but the script is a right mess and I personally found it quite confusing. Al Pacino puts in a top performance, as usual, and he shows some deep emotion throughout the film but the film seemed pointless and I struggled to stay interested. The relationship with his best friends lesbian daughter was strange and sketchy, along with the weird girl who wanted him to kill her husband. This isn't as bad as Al Pacino's embarrassing moment in Jack and Jill when he's attempting to rap but it has to go down as one of his worse films. I don't know what the director was trying to attempt with the movie and the whole feel and flow of the film was awful. After waiting so long for Pacino to release a film, I am really disappointed with this bad attempt at an in depth look into a struggling actors career. I just hope that he comes out with something decent next time. Disappointing!Round-Up:What the hell has happened to Pacino? Since Scarface and the Godfather days, he has been one of my favourite actors but he has really made some crap lately. From the terrible Jack & Jill to the average Stand Up Guys and The Son Of No One, he isn't guaranteed to pull in a big audiences in the cinemas anymore. Part of it is due to the terrible movies that he has picked to star in and another part is that he actually over acts in some of his roles. Greata Gerwig put in a good performance, which must have been hard next to the Hollywood legend but she also seemed to be chatting rubbish most of the time. It was good to see Charles Grodin back on the big screen, who I loved in Midnight Run and Dave but the director didn't make the most out of the cast.I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/dramas about an actor whose going through a mid-life crisis and struggles to separate his stage acting to real life. 3/10

Rob L (ru) wrote: Perhaps not as fully realised as the director's later Fish Tank, this is a nonetheless striking effort from Andrea Arnold; one in which a slow drip feed of information helps the viewer to a conclusion s/he would never have thought possible during the movie's early stages.Kate Dickie is excellent as a woman pursuing revenge but the film has a decidedly liberal heart, a world away from the unforgiving nature of vigilante-ism. Lots of the familiar Scottish tics are there - a plethora of swearing included - and rarely have the schemes of Glasgow looked more uninviting.