Flat Top

Flat Top

A rock hard commander trains Navy Carrier Pilots during the Second World War

Group Commander Dan Collier, on an aircraft carrier in Korean waters during the Korean War, starts to think back to the rough days of the air-war against Japan during World War II, when he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mr Andrew Sly k (de) wrote: The Kharma change your colors Gold,Red & Green My lady Boys we are heroes Forever and Ever!

Li O (gb) wrote: ethan does not get enough credit! this was a pretty good movie. enjoyable and i love that man! good ending too :)

Ryan A (ag) wrote: Great movie. One of my favorites

Dave C (ru) wrote: One of the strangest films I've seen, an overintellectualisation of sex... in which a woman gets a man to spend 4 nights with her and they increasingly explore the nature of sex... or perhaps of the politics of the female body.It will put off all but the most dedicated of film watchers as (and I don't usually include spoilers) they have sex (erect penises and all) during her period, tampons going in and out and he withdraws covered in her blood. As I said, it's not for everyone...Is it gratuitous?Probably; in equal amounts to its pretentiousness. But that doesn't leave it completely without merit.Give me a while and I might come up with the merit.

Rowan C (jp) wrote: One of only two musicals where every song is great to listen to and I'm not bored for a few minutes. The other musical is "The Sound of Music". These are the only two musicals which every song is great and has a great pace.This direct to video film is great, and starts off it being about teachers putting on a show for their students at the school. Quite clever. Great musical, extremely fast and exciting that by the end you will remember every single number.

Allan C (us) wrote: Underrated Rutger Hauer action flick has him as a modern-day Zatichi (the famous Japanese blind swordsman). Hauer plays a Vietnam veteran who lost his sight in the war, but was trained in the art of swordplay and how to use his other senses to compensate for his loss of sight. The action is excellent, directed by Australian director Phillip Noyce, in his Hollywood debut before he went on to bigger films like the Harrison Ford Jack Ryan pictures. Rutger is great as always and gets to do a bit more comedy than he's usually allowed. There was apparently a planned sequel that never materialized, but I would have loved to have seen the continuing adventures of the wandering blind swordsman in the American southwest. My main complaint about this film is it's cartoony nature. The Zatichi films were never completely straight-faced, but this film seemed more goofy than I would have liked it. Still, how can you go wrong with any film where Randall 'Tex' Cobb is playing one of his many sweaty villains? Ace cinematographer Don Burgess provides some sharp photography of the flashy swordplay and you also get a strong supporting cast that includes Terry O'Quinn, Noble Willingham, Nick Cassavetes, Meg Foster and the original 1980s ninja, Sh Kosugi.

steve p (de) wrote: linnea quigley is fun

Max P (us) wrote: Sure to entertain Doctor Who fans and kids, the film adaptation of the metal pepper pots with egg whisks and toilet plungers for weapons is fun and exciting as a product of the 60's, but can't be taken seriously in today's world.

Sarah F (ru) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Joel A (ag) wrote: Hailed by many as France's Gone with the Wind & it doesn't take too long to see why. The story of a beautiful French Actress who is loved by four men.The lowly of these four is a street mine who is by far the most likeable & heartfelt. This beautiful story is against the back drop of the theatre district of Paris during the 1830 & 40's.This film itself was a miracle made during Nazi Occupies France & finally was finished & releases just as WWII ceased. It's a long film but a masterpiece a must see French Film!!!

Clemens H (kr) wrote: one of the best movies ever made.