Flatfoot in Africa

Flatfoot in Africa

Commissary Rizzo in Napoli gets a message from a policeman from South Africa who wants to meet him. Immediatlz before this meeting the south African policeman is killed. Dying he shows Rizzo a picture of his little son Bodo. Riyyo travels to Johannesburg to find out what the policeman was working on and to find Bodo.

Commissary Rizzo in Napoli gets a message from a policeman from South Africa who wants to meet him. Immediatlz before this meeting the south African policeman is killed. Dying he shows ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas T (br) wrote: I've watched it yearly since it came out. Honore's work will be discovered some day.

Patrick D (ru) wrote: Original take on a little-known historical event, but has that overly scripted and somewhat melodramatic tone of most Egoyan movies.

Justin B (fr) wrote: There's a ton of entertaining cameos and IMO it's Smith's funniest and most entertaining film but everything teeters on how much you care about his characters and the world he has created. If you liked his work so far, it's an endearing live action cartoon; if you haven't, it's a gross out, self indulgent wank off.

Bradley F (nl) wrote: This movie has a serious case of missing identity. When watching Body of Evidence, I noticed that the film is constantly switching from a crime drama to an underground porn movie. It also doesn't help when you're lead actress isn't even trying to act and also the script is filled with a clumsy storyline and hokey dialogue. Let's explore this mess of cinema known as "Body of Evidence". Rebecca Carlson (Madonna) is accused of murdering of older lover by literally fornicating him to death. Soon, her attorney (Willem Dafoe) begins to also fall for her sexual charm as a long and boring trial goes on in the background. I will say this much for the film ,it does have an interesting premise and there could be a great film here. But the screenwriter Brad Mirman doesn't know what to do with the premise. In fact, it pretty much is secondary while the sexual relationship between our two lead stars is the priority. And I am not exaggerating here, the sex scenes in this movie last close to 10 minutes at a time in this film. We get that Rebecca is a sexual beast, you don't need to hammer it in. When we're not trapped in a bedroom with Madonna and Defoe, we are stuck in a Courtroom filled with boring dialogue and nothing interesting comes up. Yeah, we get more details about Rebecca's sex life with her lovers but that's not enough to hold up a whole story let alone a film. Just like the sex scenes, the courtroom sequences seem to last FOREVER! It's like watching a really long episode of Law and Order SVU except there's no tension, no interesting characters and nothing interesting to say. The film is just a boring, bland and tasteless waste of time. Madonna's acting is as you expect, zero skill with no effort or validity. There Is one scene where it looks like she is trying, but it's just even more proof she should stick to music. Also, her character is really flat and one dimensional. Rebecca Carlson is an attractive woman with a huge sexual appetite... so what? As a writer and storyteller, you have to give us a reason to care about this woman besides the fact that she's beautiful. It's not just her, Dafoe's character is not that great either. He is an attorney who is conflicted about his job and his "feelings" (I use the word loosely) for his client who could be a murderer. But not once does the film delve deep into this conflict or what the character is feeling. In fact, we hardly get to see his relationship with his wife or anything else. The film feels so closed off and only focuses on the sexual nature of this story. All in all, the film has a premise that could be intriguing but the execution is not done very well. The acting is sub par, the writing is beyond ridiculous, the characters are boring and the direction is also really off. Only question is... why didn't this film get more Razzies?

Erik D (jp) wrote: I challenge you not to cry.

FJ F (mx) wrote: One for those with a penchant for the weird, freakish type of horror movie only early 70's british studios could make... great to see Tom Baker in an early role....

Richard S (fr) wrote: A good Abbott & Costello film-not as good as the Frankenstein version of this.

Rink S (kr) wrote: No beard! Well this movie is surely a classic and I enjoyed it although I am not really used to the "pace" of such movies from the 40ties.

Alex B (us) wrote: At once rebels AND imperialists. Don't feel sorry for anyone who needs a fort, fortress, castle, or palace. In any case, Fonda and Colbert here are so cloying and mewling that I only maintained interest in the faint hope of seeing them both scalped by Mohawks. I blame the story, not John Ford.

Anthony D (it) wrote: Setting: VERY 90sCharacters: 1-Dimensional. Basically take the first few minutes of breakfast club and stretch it out to movie length.Plot: Taming of the ShrewDirecting: OkActing: Great!

Connor M (ru) wrote: I have no idea what happened in this movie, and I'm pretty sure that's a good thing. Logically flawed with an embarrassing and vapid script, the only redeeming thing about this picture is its competent CGI.

Marcus G (kr) wrote: In recent years, British directors have been taking Hollywood by storm, with the likes of Rupert Wyatt (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011), Matthew Vaughan (Kick-Ass (2010) Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy (2004), Bourne Ultimatum (2007), United 93 (2006) and Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception (2010) so here we have Sid Bennett, attempting to break in to the mainstream with his so-called "Jurassic Park meets Cloverfield" found footage dinosaur flick.Oh dear.Up until now, little over three years since I begin this blog, this is only the second film to receive just ONE candle, or 1/10! Sid Bennett has taken a brilliant concept and with very little money, a cast of unknowns and some ropey CGI dinosaurs, managed to make one of the worst films that I have ever seen. It's not so much that it's poorly made as in production quality but it's poorly realised, to the point that it's not just the money.A good director can make the best out of his prose but this defied its own genre rules from minute one! The found footage motif was flawed beyond belief as for starters the film's aspect ratio was 2:35:1 rather than the typical 1.77:1 that you would expect from a documentary team or a camcorder. Second, there was more time given in the 83 minute film to explaining how the cameras worked and why they would be contrived into every scene in order to create a narrative later than there was seeing or even looking for any dinosaurs!The lead character, let alone the rest, was appalling written and thoroughly unlikable. Then we meet the dinos and this was reduced to a glimpse here and there and few prolonged sequences with friendly creatures. When you think of the likes of Greengrass with United 93), who cast a movie about 9/11 with unknowns and created unparalleled drama with just the use of a camera, editing suite and music, or more specifically, Gareth Edwards' Monsters (2010), another Brit director on a shoestring budget, managed to create a very believable world which had been infested with creatures from another world. Both had used ingenuity in order to craft their worlds and narrative.Sid Bennett on the other hand, has displayed none of this talent and since he seemed to be so arrogant as to dismiss the details and nuances of the found footage motif, instead shooting a film in a conventional manner and spending a lot of time telling us that it was all captured on a camcorder, was nothing less than scandalous and failed to convey the truth of the film. This was a far from found footage and Sin City (2005)! Bennett is a far from a talented director as Nolan, Spielberg or Greengrass are from producing work as rubbish as this!Boring, pointless and contrived beyond all reason and an outright failure of a movie. The Dinosaur Project is defiantly one to MISS! Save yourself and run the other way!

Tim B (br) wrote: Deviated from ScriptureActing was Mediocre