A heroin junkie works as a prostitute to support his habit and fund an abortion needed by the girlfriend of his lesbian wife. His seedy encounters with delusional and damaged clients, and dates with drag queens and hustlers are heavy on sex, drugs and decadence.

A man desperate for money and no income, turns prostitute and interplays with a variety of clients and hustlers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flesh torrent reviews

Angeline Y (ca) wrote: Pretty stupid with horrible special effects, but if you're a zombie movie buff then you'll be entertained. It's so ridiculous that you have to laugh!

Sonia S (ru) wrote: I didn't like the movie, probably because I didn't like the choice of leading actress, mainly because I couldn't get over how fake she looked. She looks like she has have every cosmetic procedure available for women, and she dressed like a bimbo. I also didn't like how she talked, or how she delivered her lines. Sounded like she was trying to act like a stand-up comedian. If it was a better actress I probably would have liked the movie and found it a bit funny. But the annoying theme song that played throughout most of the movie gets irritating, and therefore diminish the enjoyment of the movie.

Jonna B (nl) wrote: Seriously a really awesome movie! Met beyond my expectations. I loved every bit of it.

robin a (es) wrote: I loved this movie! It was AWESOME! I really didn't know katerina could dance, she was amazing, she made you wanna go up and dance too. I loved how confident and cocky she was, how she could stand up for herself no matter how scary the other ones were, I loved how she took risks and thought she was good enough and didn't take a no for an answer and I think Luis really liked her but just couldn't accept how she left him. And Brandon was really cute and diplomatic which I liked, even though I wanted to see more of him, what happened later with them too and I kind of wanted to know about his family, I mean that he was rich and all...

Andrew C (mx) wrote: Ray Winstone really doesn't do accents and the story is a bit predictable, however, the real star of the film is New Zealand and the amazing locations.

Mithun G (es) wrote: A really beautiful and tender film.

Jose F (mx) wrote: A good Sci-Fi movie with a great cast.

Aj V (au) wrote: Another okay Elvis movie, much like his other movies. I recently re-watched this one because I'm a fan of Bixby, who has a part in this one. It's actually pretty funny for the most part, but it's also silly and stupid and full of Elvis songs. Overall, it's okay.

Justin B (gb) wrote: I've a grand appreciation for both retro disaster propaganda and campy underwater adventures but I had a very hard time sitting though this. Some greatness amongst a sea of boring-ness.

OMurphy M (de) wrote: Evil Under The Sun is a very suspenceful motion picture. This film has numerous captivating characters and a plot riddled with edge of your seat twists and turns. If you are look for a great murder mystery film than you should seriously consider watching Evil Under The Sun.

Katie M (mx) wrote: Now I know why it took me 12 years to finally give in and watch this. I shoulda just left well enough alone. (wish T.P. had as well!)