A band of medieval mercenaries take revenge on a noble lord who decides not to pay them by kidnapping the betrothed of the noble's son. As the plague and warfare cut a swathe of destruction...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:126 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English,Latin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spear,   statue,   rape,  

A band of medieval mercenaries take revenge on a noble lord who decides not to pay them by kidnapping the betrothed of the noble's son. As the plague and warfare cut a swathe of destruction... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flesh+Blood torrent reviews

Frank N (es) wrote: ??<>????????????: ?<>??, ?????????????? (??????......)??????????

Bill R (es) wrote: so, i waa looking around the instant menu ans atumbled across this. some reason it caught my attention. looked like one of those family movies where the kid takes the parents and blahblahblah, but the R rating convinced me to hit play.. i was pelasantly surprised to find a decent comedy with a bunch of different characters. granted this story has been done before but this adds an adult cobtent throw to it that makes it barable to watch and enjoy. i laughed more times then i expected.

Antonio R (nl) wrote: Weird film that tries to mix an obscure fact of Charles Dickens' past with, a real state conspiracy in the nowadays London, murders, history... Decent acting, not so decent plot.

Othmane C (br) wrote: Gutierrez doesn't take himself too seriously. And I like that. Contrary to douchy critic belief, this isn't forced or dumbed down. This is as guilty a pleasure as pistachio macaroons.

Private U (br) wrote: We were bored. The metaphors are blatant. The editing needs to be tighter--scenes go on too long seemingly for effect, an effect that left me wanting the film to end. Draws attention to the lack of budget for music by whispering about a "famous" song.

Jonah S (mx) wrote: One of my favorite films ever. The symbolic, prophetic truths and things in the film related to the Gospel and to Jesus is amazing. Like the curse destroyed on the mountain, the scares on Zero's hand, the rain pouring in the dry land after the curse is broken. All the amazing conections and things ties together. It is so amazing! Fantastic story. And funny. Jon Voight is hilarious in it.

H Suann H (kr) wrote: Interesting tale of unionization, but "American Dream" is far more compelling.

Ben S (jp) wrote: This is a very bizarre Oriental film which contains many exotic jokes.

Mikko K (mx) wrote: This movie is plain shit. It doesn't make sense. There are serious plot holes. The characters don't act like normal people would. The main character is a mindless zombie. Their is an abundance of needless soft-core porn which is indicative of a shitty C- movie. There is sooo much wrong in this movie that every five minutes or less I was pointing out something that was clearly wrong.DO NOT WATCH THIS GARBAGE.

david s (br) wrote: Predictable vehicle with tacky ending. Nice to see some addressing of the issues in Europe/USA relations 39-40 period - almost an admission that US companies were making money in the 3rd Reich. But characterisations too clean, no recognition of the self-preservation instinct required for survival.See it to see Gielgud.

Richard C (ca) wrote: A vicious and brutally violent tale that highlights Dario Argento's talent for making horror films that despite going relatively OTT with the violence and perceived misgoyny, but still places itself as a likable and intriguing horror barred with a barrage of unpredictability that cements Argento's place for being one of a few horror filmmakers who can actually maintain originality throughout the bulk of their work. A spine-tingling horror that might just be Argento's goriest, for people who are familiar with the Italian maestro's work, this is a treat but for those with a sensitive stomach, it is advisable to stay away.

James H (br) wrote: Really good British classic, a fine horror film, very well acted and directed. It is well written and story is a really good one. Good cinematography. Spooky.

Paul C (br) wrote: Excellent and creepy WW II horror flick from New Zealand. The small cast does a great job. The location shooting (in a real WWII bunker) and limit sets add to the overall atmosphere. I'm not sure why this has as low a composite rating as it does. Perhaps some folks found it too "talky" - but I found the interaction of the characters is what made the movie. Well worth a peek, especially if you are fan of "Weird WWII" stories.

Naresh K (fr) wrote: A lovely movie.. charming laid back story line.. "All you need is people who believe in you"... :)