Flesh for Frankenstein

Flesh for Frankenstein

Within the decadent walls of the Frankenstein mansion, the Baron and his depraved assistant Otto have discovered the means of creating new life. As the Baron's laboratory begins to fill up with stitched body parts, the Baroness dallies with the randy new manservant and soon the decadent, permissive household is consumed by an outrageous, bizarre, and hilarious orgy of death and dismemberment.

Baron Frankenstein seems to be eccentric man always dreams a super-race. One day, he decides to come back Serbia fullfill an important plan. He builds a desirable female body and he needs a male who is suitable. However, his experiment goes wrong and leads to unexpected consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flesh for Frankenstein torrent reviews

WS W (jp) wrote: The twist & turn is so abrupt & confusing, but I just like its being different as men's mid-life crisis story.

Des S (kr) wrote: I'm glad I found this movie because it ended up being a nice little surprise. The story was touching and made you feel and root for the characters.

Elijah P (us) wrote: this movie has everything and anything. it shows the true story of a abusive girl who just loves to hodown and or throw down. my favourite part is when she tries to sing and dance. the worst part is when she isnt hodownen and throw downen, and also when it ends because that means no more hitting dad. overall rating: spectacual movie.

Anthony N (es) wrote: Donkey Punch had a great first half, but the latter became a cliche of other movies you might've seen and doesn't bring much except great looking skin. DP is only a must watch if you're into sexy and unusual kinks that don't usually happen.

Jenn T (jp) wrote: I wasn't hating it until Rambo and Mrs. Rambo showed up, then it turned from a B movie to a B movie with terrible acting/plot and music.

Fallon B (gb) wrote: Despite its snail's pace, the acting is truly spectacular. Robb and Theron in particular were fantastic.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Just as good as the first in getting you gripped into the film, Maybe not as clever as the first but still very good, Maybe sometimes hard to follow on how the clues are figured out but a very good sequel.

Diogo S (ca) wrote: The Ape tem como objectivo estudar um homem, aparentemente comum, com srios danos psicolgicos depois de, num dia vulgar, ter sido autor de uma chacina com a sua famlia. No um filme que v agradar a todo o pblico, uma vez que segue o seu enredo de uma forma bastante diferente do que habitual ver noutros filmes, mas a interpretao da personagem principal to natural e realista que acaba por nos remeter para dentro da sua experincia anormal e nos mostra, com excelncia, todo o seu sofrimento. A direco do filme e o trabalho de cmara esto fenomenais, a durao do filme bastante adequada situao e o final , mais do que prudente, inesquecvel. um filme cru e difcil de digerir, mas tambm ganha pontos por ser nico e bem sucedido na maioria do tempo!

Corey P (kr) wrote: still holds up as a great inside look into the neurotic life of a comedian. Orny makes a good semi-villain but basically disappears eventually.

Ashley (us) wrote: It has romance, comedy, and a nice Christmas story.

Juan B (it) wrote: I don't understand how this film got bad reviews but yet the film her got great reviews don't get me wrong her was a great film but this film had more emotion and heart and a great performance by the late Robin Williams.

Matt G (nl) wrote: Look, this movie has some fun stuff in it (bouncy score, unique cinematography, great battle scenes), but mostly it's just aggressively dumb (bad accents, awkward humor). However, the main thing I walked away from Prince of Thieves with is a continuation of a question I've had for years: WHY WAS COSTNER SO POPULAR?! Not sure there has been an actor in Hollywood history with less charisma to pair with his mediocre acting chops.

Michael H (br) wrote: Belushi being Belushi.

Marc N (gb) wrote: Interesting. Thoughtfully done. Good for the heart. Satisfying. Worth watching.

Joshua C (gb) wrote: Definitely funny but too many complications.