Flesh, TX

Flesh, TX

In the middle of nowhere lives a crazed and disturbed inbred family, the Barleys. When Donna Parker (Eleni Krimitsos) and her daughter Tabitha Parker (Jada Kline) stop for gas, little do they know what really goes on in Flexh, TX. Once Tabitha disappears from the gas station, Donna summons the help of the local sheriff (Dale Denton) who is not all he is cracked up to be. Donna becomes convinced that somehow this crazy town is connected. After she encounters Sugar Barley (Kathleen Benner) the local town prostitute, the hunt to find her daughter is on. She must hope she does not come across the Barley house on the edge of town. No human should ever have to see what happens in the Barley house on Flesh, TX....pop.666

While stopping for gas in the backwater burg of Flesh, Texas, Donna Parker finds herself propelled into a nightmare when her daughter Tabitha disappears. After seeking help from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl L (br) wrote: Nice try. Funny in spots, and with potential, but it gets too fantastical toward the end.

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