Flesh Wounds

Flesh Wounds

On a remote U.S. Army facility a group of scientists vanish while conducting experiments with a top secret weapon. An elite covert ops team commanded by Lt. Tyler (Kevin Sorbo) is sent on a rescue mission that quickly turns deadly. With time running out and the death count rising, Tyler's team must hunt and destroy a predator unlike any they have ever encountered or become its next victim.

Flesh Wounds: On a remote US Army facility, a group of scientists conducting top secret weapon experiments, vanish. An elite covert ops team, commanded by Lt. Tyler (Kevin Sorbo), is tasked... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael F (br) wrote: possibly the funniest movie of the year

Private U (us) wrote: mettre entre toutes les mains, et dans toutes les classes.

Joel A (us) wrote: An extravagant flashy 1930's tale about four exceptionally talented yet naive & cocky young adults about their exploits.This film isn't specifically great but keeps you interested for its 100 or so minutes. You keep guessing what the characters will do next.This film was directed by Stephen Fry who clearly can pull an exceptional British Cast, great soundtrack fluffy story it's not too bad.

Alex S (de) wrote: With a reasonably complex storyline, fun action sequences and great voice acting, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker marks another winner for Warner Bros. animation.

Dane K (ag) wrote: Hercules (supposed to be known as Heracles in Greek Mythology) was one of the greatest heroes in Greece, but is represented in this mini-series that is, well, wussy. The first half of this mini-series is absolutely atrocious. Hercules doesn't even look like he's going to become a great hero, instead he is (and the actor portrays him) like a whiny English schoolboy bitch. The second half is much better. On the plus side, the story is of course excellent, albeit poorly executed, and the whole thing shorter than 3 hours. Also, I hated the inclusion of that waste of acting "talent" from Lord Of The Rings (Sean Astin - although anyone in that movie is a waste) in the cast - horrible.

Hing H (mx) wrote: The best one out of the lot but not the greatest film made. The fight between li and donnie is rated as one of the best in cinema history.

Luke R (ag) wrote: Not terrible, just a bit of a so-so movie in my opinion. Starring Pierce Brosnan and Gerard Butler, this film is passable as your typical suspense thriller if that's what your looking for.The performances from the main actors - Brosnan, Butler and Bello - are decent and whilst I was not captivated by the movie, we didn't consider turning it off, either.To the films credit, I didn't see the twist coming towards the end and accordingly, it took me by surprise - so I give the movie credit on that basis (even though I tend to never see the twists coming so it might just be me!).There isn't a lot else to say about this movie. It's pretty well paced overall, although I did feel like a fast forward a couple of times. As I've said, the performances put forward by the three main (and essentially only) actors are solid enough.Have a look at this movie if you can't find anything else worthwhile in the weekly section.

Amreen G (gb) wrote: what a classic! the is one movie tht def makes me cry ! honestly just by thinking of it brings tears! one of aamir and juhi s best performances! songs are wonderful, def. the indian version of romeo and juilet! an all time classic!

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Millo T (au) wrote: Good historical recreation

Lindsay A (es) wrote: Truly original film--without being gimmicky or pretentious--and the kind that makes you forget occasionally that you're watching actors.

Peter W (nl) wrote: Great fun in this fearless vampire spoof. Watch the butter!

Mark F (it) wrote: Not much action, it's a bit wordy. That would be fine but the words aren't that interesting either.

Steve G (mx) wrote: I love Duke's honesty. I hate the notion that it's ok to lie to people to make them feel better. It went against the entire ethos of the movie, until that point. That almost ruined a good movie. Too heavy on relativism.

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Jim F (it) wrote: A gritty portrayal of the Australian outback post-world-collapse. Good acting by both Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson (who is barely recognizable). Halfway decent writing, but not enough back story or plot development (I was expecting more of an ending). Also, where are all the post apocalyptic women?