A group of teenagers, taking a nocturnal hayride come across the grave of a man. Little did they know that this deceased man is a zombie. One by one, the actual living are falling victim and becoming zombies. Eventually there are zombies everywhere, and someone needs to stop them, but who?

A group of college students on an overnite hayride come across a group of maneating zombies. They must fight for their lives while trying to escape and warn the authorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


FleshEater torrent reviews

Ari S (es) wrote: This was a great sequel as far as sequels go. However, the acting is top notch. Shia Portrays a powerful performance as the lead. His vulnerability and Wall Street smarts are believable with the dialogue provided he's sensational along with Michael Douglas and Josh Brolin who both play excellent parts but Shia by far surprised and was able to take this film to the next level. The film itself I wish had a better 3rd act the thesis plays here because as a sequel you need to thinkAbout moral hazard ;) overall entertaining and a film that can be watched for multiple viewings and seen from different perspectives.

Michael G (br) wrote: Truly scary subject matter, too bad the film-makers don't use it efficiently.

Rajesh S (kr) wrote: One of the Best Rajni Movies