Flic Story

Flic Story

The film story depicts Emile Buisson, following the death of his wife and child, escaping from a psychiatric institution in 1947 and returning to Paris. Buisson, who three years later would become France's public enemy number one, begins a murderous rampage through the French capital.

This movie depicts the authentic story of the hunt for the dangerous criminal Emile Buisson, who escaped from prison in 1947. During three years Buisson manages to hide from detective ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flic Story torrent reviews

Rawballs B (gb) wrote: -_- A 'whatever' fairy tale... So bad it suck... :-(

Vishnu M (us) wrote: Really loved the eery icy cold Artic landscapes and the acting of lead characters in this movie...

Juli N (it) wrote: An unexpected pleasure! Great police procedural! Fantastic performances by everyone involved!

Chiho T (kr) wrote: I like this movie showing tragedy of one family in quiet expression. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Kyle M (gb) wrote: Filmmaker Herzog had made a good, well-crafted documentary about a smart, crazy man protecting the bears with a good eco-friendly message that should be shared to those who need to learn what's right about this topic. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Zoe S (au) wrote: Was not as good as i thought it would be... it had a really good built up but the ending was disappointing... could have been so much better... thought Marc Warren played the part of Dracula well....

Damon H (nl) wrote: One of hard core Japanese films. A brutal story about the life of a prostitute in Tokyo. A must see to believe.

Gavin P (au) wrote: An odd 80s rom-com - but not unique, given it's one of a dozen 'love from beyond the grave' films. Downey Jr. is super-young and his usual charming self, but the story's a little too strange - the do I love my wife, or my daughter angle, plus the best friend that secretly loves your wife angle is hard to take. Not too many funny moments and it's all too blas.

natasha m (de) wrote: this movie is really scary.

Gimly M (br) wrote: Should be required viewing for film students, otherwise it's probably entirely missable.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Dynamite performance by Gazzara in a unique, one-of-a-kind film.

Stephanie D (fr) wrote: The songs don't really stand out in my mind and I am not a Judy fan.

Jacob M (nl) wrote: The occasional laugh isn't enough to save this sinker. One of the very few unsatisfactory Spielberg flicks.

Harold S (gb) wrote: Better than average baseball movie

Aaron B (ag) wrote: This is one of two exceptions that proves the rule: Bette Midler movies stink. Only this and Down and Out In Beverly Hills are worth watching. And this one is good only for the spot-on music.

Anna R (kr) wrote: This is the most fractured, disturbing, senseless, disgusting movie I wish I had never watched. If the filmmaker wanted the outcome of making the viewer feel repulsed and slightly crazy, then he succeeded. Usually there is at least one redeeming or sympathetic character in a film but you won't find one in this film. You will find incredibly gory and violent scenes assaulting your eyes. I only wish I could rate it minus five stars.

Megan B (ru) wrote: This is my second favorite Lloyd movie, ("Girl Shy" being the first). The bit with the crab in his pocket pinching people on the butt is hysterical.