Flight from Ashiya

Flight from Ashiya

Featuring an all-star cast and on-location shooting in Japan, where the story is set, three US Air Force rescue pilots must overcome their personal problems and differences to embark upon a dangerous mission to save raft-bound Japanese survivors from a murderous storm-tossed sea. As they head for their location, the film flashes back to chronicle the pasts of each pilot to make clear their mixed feelings about their upcoming assignment.

A helicopter rescue team tries to save the survivors of a shipwreck off the coast of Japan during a raging typhoon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa T (ag) wrote: The emotional depth and morality in this film is unreal. It surprised me.

Dani M (nl) wrote: It has Jackson in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Karsh D (ca) wrote: Despite a strong cast this is a lacklustre comedy farce.

Kevin H (nl) wrote: A visually sumptuous and thematically intriguing blend of theatrical and cinematic conventions, the film is nonetheless derailed by a frustratingly repetitive plot and thoroughly unlikeable characters with motivations reeking vaguely of soap opera. While the film would likely prove a far more enthralling watch with the sound off, as a complete package, it remains a stylistically brilliant yet overall lackluster product.

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Deadly V (it) wrote: F/X is what good 80s action movies were all about.

Bob M (us) wrote: My wife & I were initially interested because of the main actors. However, we also liked the story line as it seems to include the blend of blessings and challenges in life. The complexity and dynamics of life are not frequently dealt with effectively; they were portrayed well in 'My Old Lady'. In our view, a patient viewer is rewarded by a movie done well.

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Julie C (us) wrote: Pretty bad, I couldn't get all the way through it.