Flight of the Aquanaut

Flight of the Aquanaut

Set against startling undersea vistas, Flight of the Aquanaut is the gripping tale of a diver's voyage into danger. Equipped with a self-propelled, one-atmosphere "hard suit", the aquanaut sweeps viewers along on a dramatic science-adventure.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:English
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Set against startling undersea vistas, Flight of the Aquanaut is the gripping tale of a diver's voyage into danger. Equipped with a self-propelled, one-atmosphere "hard suit", the aquanaut sweeps viewers along on a dramatic science-adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sudhir R (jp) wrote: The movie though revealed the plot at 45th minute, nothing let down the grip in screenplay. Vishal could have emoted well, however the scenes of man next door was lived by him. Heroine, is just an addition to the commercial needs otherwise there is no need of an heroine for this movie. The duet comes in an awkward place and is a set back / speed breaker to the well run movie. Bharathi Raja lived the role of a dad, well done and is the least expected from a great film person himself. Director Susindhran after a teen love subject shifting to a mass action film just goes to prove the talent in him and the ability to handle any genre to its best. Vikranth role was just a flier, while he being seen after long adds more curiosity and spice, his screen length is a disappointment. The climax fight is very regular and hero gaining strength realizing the past is not so new. Villain is new which itself is a great asset, his screen presence was great. Script was well drafted and told. Worth a watch with family and friends.

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Amy W (de) wrote: My IQ has just decreased by 200%

Chris H (ca) wrote: An interesting combination of the Submarine War film genre and a ghost story that plays on the typical themes of paranoia of a small group of people in a confined space. Unfortunately the numerous flaws hold it back from being a good movie but it does enough to entertain.

The D (de) wrote: I think it will resonate with older viewers, especially those that make a living writing (or at least try). This one is a polished gem in every sense. It did not do well in two releases and I'm guessing it was in part due to its limited audience, but there are many films like Shawshank and others that have had similar fates only to be appreciated later. Script, cast and production are all 5 stars IMO. A classic.

brian w (kr) wrote: A really good suspense film... Madeline Stowe was really sexy in it

joey b (ru) wrote: This film is a must see for anyone into rock music and blue electricity special effects(trust me there is alot of it going on in this film). A rocker dies and his soul? is alive in his final record that is giving to his number one fan by Gene Simmons! who plays a dj in this flick - well needless to say this record was pressed in HELL! because when it is played all it breaks loose and by it i mean HELL! Marc'skippy'Price plays a metalhead who goes by the name Ragman(sounds more hobo then metal,but whatever)who is a huge fan of a rocker named Sammi Curr, he is such a big fan he writes him love notes of sorts describing his terrible life and how he thinks about ending it all sometimes - well after the Sammi Curr character dies Ragman goes crying to his pillow and plays his music loud and pumps his fists that are filled with tears and anger at the death of his idol. Sammi Curr comes back and starts letting the blue electricity fly,he tries to kill pretty much everyone at the Halloween dance but in the end he is destroyed but not before his hand is stuck in toilet water and he gets shocked. The film is fun and filled with 80's rock tunes most of which you will not know but there still fun to hear oh yea and Ozzy is in it as a man who preaches about devil music being bad - cool - with that i guess the moral of the story is: If you are a lonely loser rocker who writes about offing yourself - cheer up cause in the end you'll get the preppie girl who cares for you...for some reason?.?.

Drew R (au) wrote: A lulzy old tale filled with romance and suspense. The guard with the beer was the bomb. lol

IreneusEric B (au) wrote: Deferent and very good

John H (jp) wrote: Slow moving, trite, and not very original.

Peter M (mx) wrote: Great cast great action, reminds me a little of predator at time's. Some juicy death scenes and a hard ass cast make this a 100% mans movie.

Michelle A (es) wrote: This has to be an all time favorite comedy, eh.

PY C (ca) wrote: The suspense, frustration, compassion, sympathy, stress is all in one but I felt that the ending was just quite flat.