When Juli meets Bryce in the second grade, she knows it's true love. After spending six years trying to convince Bryce the same, she's ready to give up - until he starts to reconsider.

In 1957, when  second-graders Bryce and Juli first meet, Juli knows it';s love. Bryce isn';t so sure. Beginning that day, and for the next six years, young Bryce does everything he can to keep away as much as possible from Juli. When they start the sixth grade, Bryce hopes that he can get rid of Juli so he asks the girl Juli hates the most, Sherry Stalls, out on a date. This plan of Bryce';s works for a while up until his best friend, Garrett, takes an interest in Sherry and tells her the truth about Bryce asking her out, she doesn';t take it well and angrily slaps Bryce. Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen, this films centers on two eighth-graders start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (es) wrote: From the director of The Legend is Born: Ip Man comes another movie about Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man. This time, its Anthony Wong as an older version, and this movie is a slight improvement over its predecessor. However, there are still plenty of problems abound.Anthony Wong gives a great performance, especially when he's got the years to go with the aged wisdom. The fight scenes are well done, but its the story that's still on the lame side.The movie is mostly filler, focused on the affairs of his students. It eventually gets to the point in the story where Ip Man must deal with a vicious Triad leader, who has drugged one of his students in an underground fighting ring. Getting there is a real chore, as there's a solid 30-40 minute sag of nothing really happening in the middle.With a good fight scene at the beginning of the film and at the climax, what this movie needed was one more fight to round it out. Instead of showing the vicious Triad leader fighting to showcase his skills, they are told to us via radio broadcast instead of a full fledged fight scene. If you have a chance to give the audience more action, then they should go with that route.Ip Man: The Final Fight is a slight improvement over his last movie, but Herman Yau's movie needed a tighter script to compliment the acting and fight choreography.

Luca D (de) wrote: Secondo me questo film si attesta leggermente sotto l'8/10.Sicuramente la sua forza e' la sceneggiatura (molto veritiera) e nei personaggi tratteggiati bene senza mai eccedere in macchiette poco credibili (a parte l'assessore leghista forse fin troppo caricaturale).Anche l'intreccio della trama con la divisione del film in capitoli ci sta ed e' una scelta che in Italia spesso viene usata per fini ben meno nobili. Pero' e' proprio in questa scelta che secondo me il film inciampa, la pellicola tiene lo spettatore incollato allo schermo perche' c'e' la storia dell'omicidio, pero' e' anche evidente che la regista non importa dell'omicidio ma di sapere tutto quello che c'e' intorno alle persone coinvolte in quell'incidente: dunque il film si concentra molto sull'aspetto sociale e poco su quello del mistero. Io, personalmente, avrei dato un po' piu' di ritmo alla storia dandogli un tocco in piu' da film giallo, senza ovviamente perdere il focus sull'aspetto umano della vicenda. E' probabilmente piu' una questione di montaggio o di 15 min di troppo nel film; avrei lasciato i capitoli cosi' com'erano ma li avrei resi leggermente piu' leggeri/ritmati, soprattutto verso la fine. Rimane comunque un bel film.

Gregory S (jp) wrote: If you want accurate info, seek out peer reviewed journals, not uneducated people in biased and misinformed documentaries that are actually propaganda.

Rebecca W (ru) wrote: Watching now, hope its scary!

Elena S (nl) wrote: not bad , i enjoy the story . i have not seen the first one

Jon H (de) wrote: As mind numbingly dull as it sounds, appallingly acted, pointless plot and too boring for TV. Ed Bye has sunk so low, the worst brit flick I have seen in a long time

Douglas B (de) wrote: A very good movie about a genuinely good many, doing the right thing in every circumstances. Sadly, a rare pattern these days. Non-professional actors in many of the lead roles, apparently, but you wouldn't know. Well worth your movie dollar.

Ana M (jp) wrote: it was a typical gangs movie. chasin after ur victim while all the guys start dying slowly one by one until the last one standing confronts his victim. although the actual ending will shock u.

Paul A (br) wrote: nice movie! my two fav cartoons as a kid combined together

Cecilia C (ca) wrote: Muy buena la historia.

Linda C (kr) wrote: A wonderfully acted movie, with beautiful scenery of Ireland. I loved Aidan Quinn's performance. A new favourite of mine.

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Aussie film has good premise, but is terminally slow.

Tony B (ca) wrote: Corny-But superb location. Sophia looked great!

Rick R (au) wrote: Saratoga (1937)This is NOT one of the better Gable and Harlow pictures because this was the movie that Jean Harlow died in. The last third of the film Jean Harlow's screen double's back is to us or hidden behind a floppy hat or a racing form. Most studios would have simply re-shot the movie, or trashed it, but the Jean Harlow fans demanded to see this movie and it was more of a success than if Harlow had lived to complete the movie.Saratoga is basically, a horse race movie. Sly rogue, Duke Bradley (Gable) is a bookie who buys a horse for Grandpa Clayton (Lionel Barrymore), to the discussed of his Granddaughter, Carol Clayton (Harlow). Carol's fianc, Harley Madison (Walter Pidgeon) is a thankless roll. You know that Gable is going to get the girl.Frank Morgan, Hattie McDaniel and Una Merkel also star.

Anthony L (ca) wrote: Any Given Sunday is one of those rare sports films were you don't have to be into the sport in question, or any sport for that matter, to understand and enjoy. I have absolutely no interest in American Football but I really enjoyed this film. It's got corruption, politics, regret, arrogance..a long list of human traits that really makes this film more about life lessons with sport as the metaphor. The cast is great with everyone on form, in retrospect, this is one of the films that the 90s will be remembered for.

(it) wrote: Ted Levine steals the show in this one...

A Z (it) wrote: So... I watched it again. Worth it.

Steven R (ru) wrote: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back again, territory obtains federal status. In between there are some of the best songs broadway produced. For that reason alone you should watch it. But be aware that the characters are as flat as the landscape. The cowmen -v- farmers barn dance is a stormer but this is, of course, a dance-off between two stereotypes. If a bomb dropped on the entire town halfway through your reaction might be 'That's a pity' before going off to make a cup of coffee; but you'd still miss the songs.

Sean H (fr) wrote: I really wanted this movie to be great, especially in the wake of the success of other recent Christian movies, which is what this billed itself as.... IT WAS BAD. Although the premise seemed good the movie never really delivered and certainly was not a Christian movie. Although it attempted to be a Christian movie it failed. It was hollywood attempting to tap into the Christian box office by billing itself as a Christian movie. Wait til it is on TV.

Mr N (fr) wrote: Robots is alright. When I was young I was so excited to watch it cause of how it looks, but watching it now its not as good. Visually nice but a thin story.