Sandy Ricks is sent by his mom to Coral Key, a rustic island in the Florida keys, to spend the summer with his uncle Porter Ricks. Sandy dislikes everything about his new environment until a new friend comes into his life, a dolphin named Flipper, that brings uncle and nephew together and leads Sandy on the summer adventure of a lifetime.

Sandy Ricks is sent off for the summer in the Coral Key island to stay with his Uncle Porter. He doesn't like it because it makes him miss a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert which he already bought tickets for. Then a dolphin named Flipper comes into his life and changes his mind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (gb) wrote: ** (out of four) I love the Washington Irving story and wish that a really good and accurate version would be made into a movie. Tim Burton got the look right, but screwed up the story and miscast the film. The best and most faithful version is the great Disney animated one from 1949. The story is given an update here when Ian Cranston, played by Kevin Zegers comes to the drowsy little town of Sleepy Hollow, NY. He is unaware that he is a distant relative of Ichabod Crane, but his appearance brings the Headless Horsemen back to life. The film is too family friendly and offers little suspense. Zegers is a fine actor, but we never care about his character at all. The rest is pretty hokey.

Kenny V (br) wrote: Such a disappointment

andy a (de) wrote: my gf bought it to me on dvd there and i havent got around to watchign it yet x

Hugh L (ca) wrote: The story line was very evocative for me - personally a real emopsycho movie but not for everyone I'm sure

Diego F V (it) wrote: Hermosa. Una historia bastante conmovedora que llega hasta lo profundo. Quien no haria lo que sea por ver a la mama feliz?

Aska K (au) wrote: Zapowiadao si dobrze, ale:- wtki komediowe przydugawe- kocwka prosto z tyka

Charlie M (jp) wrote: Sleazy lawyer gets brain injury and must relearn everything, even his family. It all ends well though as he becomes a better man and father of the year. Seriously, this could've been a Lifetime movie of the week.

Elle C (br) wrote: I know my review is really high related to the average reviewer, but I was just found this movie to be fucking enchanting and I'll tell you why.Parents is a painstakingly aesthetic film; the set designs are meticulous -- from the pantry full of period cans to the sheets on little Michael's bed. The camera work was bold and engaging; every interaction little Michael had was so brilliant and real. The acting talent in this film is undeniably good, especially as the actors play off each other. Some moments (when Ms.Laemle was telling her son how the ceiling cracked, for example) were so real and natural It gave me chills; especially when used as a framework for the somewhat wacky reveal. Parents is not perfect, but it perfectly epitomizes what I personally enjoy watching as a viewer. It's a black comedy with horror themes; more Solondz then it was, say, Sleepaway Camp. It's a highly enjoyable film that is well paced and thoughtful while still allowing itself to be fun. Highly recommended.

Alaine B (ag) wrote: Female professor supplements income as call girl, meets power player and gets embroiled with terrorists in England. Held my interest. Performances were good.

Nishlank J (ca) wrote: Yet another heart-wrentching work from Pasolini! Ciao Ettore!!!

Michael H (de) wrote: Kind of hit-and-miss. Seems like the filmmakers weren't really sure what elements worked and what didn't, so just threw everything in. The editing's a little bit off, too, with many shots lingering awkwardly a moment or two too long before cutting away. Still, there's plenty to enjoy including early roles by actors who became very familiar later on, some good zingers, a darkly cynical undertone to the light comedy, and a bit of a look at what entertained audiences who's sensibilities were just a bit different than ours.

Andy F (gb) wrote: First Winter Storm Jonas Movie!!

Movie G (au) wrote: Hey, its got a plot and I wish I could banish some people to Hoboken New Jersey.

Al H (it) wrote: A masterpiece of the comedy.