Floating Clouds

Floating Clouds

A married Japanese forester during WWII is sent to Indochina to manage forests. He meets a young Japanese typist and promises to leave his wife. He doesn't and after the war, she turns up and the affair resumes.

This film is based on flashbacks, which I'll ignore here for the sake of clarity. Married Japanese forester during WWII is sent to Indochina to manage forests... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (jp) wrote: Watchable but very cliched undercover narcotics cop drama.

Alexander Z (nl) wrote: Sometimes compelling, sometimes not. Ashley Judd is terrible at acting scared. Also, can anyone tell me in what fantasy world a police investigation would let a victim stake out a possible suspect? I mean really. And of course, it ends with the criminal who has been patient for months making a rash decision and exposing himself. Classic dumbed down ending.

Michael N (mx) wrote: Creepshow 2 has a good start and a surprisingly DEAD End. Not even close to how memorable the original was and instead of 5 horror stories this is included by 3 and the first one happens to be the only relief from this big mess. Creepshow 2 is just a big disappointment. My rating : 30%