A low-class a-social family ends up in a rich upper-class neighborhood and causes all sorts of trouble.

A rather a-social family, gets a chance to live in an upper-class neighborhood. As they are not accepted by the snobs living there, they get in all sorts of trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec B (es) wrote: If you can look past boring supporting performances and some awkward interactions, the film is an rather interesting examination of Arendt and her "banality of evil" theory. I like that there is serious consideration given to the notion that what made Arendt's detractors so angry wasn't necessarily her ideas but that she responded intellectually to a situation that most looked at through a emotional lens. Barbara Sukowa deserves some serious recognition for her work here.

Simon D (jp) wrote: So, the other day I watched my first bollywood movie and thought it was pretty bad. I have now seen the other end of the scale and hope is restored. This is funny and charming. The songs are not too bad either.

Lex J (kr) wrote: It retells a very common story: falling in love with the wrong person, and the consequences of it.

Thomas L (ca) wrote: one of my favorite films with Brittany Murphy.RIP Brittany.

Adam R (gb) wrote: A seemingly unlikely movie to grab ahold of me, but it did just that. An instant classic that blends many genres together. Don't knock it if you haven't seen it, because even you could come out a Twi-hard. (First and only viewing - 3/18/2010)

Anthony M (es) wrote: You can feel the passion that Burton has for the source material in every scene. Part biographical, part love letter, part commentary on friendship and family, it all combines into what could arguably be called Tim Burton's best work ever, were it not for Big Fish.

Marc G (au) wrote: Some of it falls flat but when it hits it's pretty funny.

Andrew L (es) wrote: Fast and Furious is nothing other than a forgettable action film that seems to take itself a bit too seriously.

Art S (ag) wrote: Having watched Fritz Lang's remake first (Human Desire, 1953) several years ago, I couldn't help but think of Gloria Grahame, Glenn Ford, and Broderick Crawford in the key roles while watching Renoir's original version of the Emile Zola story. Jean Gabin is one of my favorites but somehow Glenn Ford gets more of the noir sleaze into his performance (or so I recall now). Of course, it is great to see Renoir himself acting (as a buffoon who takes the fall for the first murder) and his mise en scene and command of his actors is masterful as usual. But this just doesn't reach the levels of his other masterpieces (nor is it dark enough, despite the subject matter, which sees a man encouraging his wife to obtain a favor for him from her "godfather" and then murdering him with her complicity when he realizes what she did to obtain the favor; Gabin witnesses the murder and falls in love with the wife).

Daniel Z (jp) wrote: Just watch the trailer is enough to know the whole story.

Conner K (nl) wrote: Arguably the best Bond film of all time. The narrative is well structured and the film is full of brilliant one liners. Alongside the amazing acting of Craig, Green and Mikkelson you get some brilliant action set pieces, a superb score and some amazing cinematography.

Ilja S (ru) wrote: You thought Daredevil was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Cham O (ca) wrote: It's about capturing Iwo Jima island and the controversial behind the famous flag post. Got a good story but not good as Saving Private Ryan. Not the best of Clint Eastwood movies.