Timely yet terrifying, The Flood predicts the unthinkable. When a raging storm coincides with high seas it unleashes a colossal tidal surge, which travels mercilessly down England's East Coast and into the Thames Estuary. Overwhelming the Barrier, torrents of water pour into the city. The lives of millions of Londoners are at stake.

A colossal storm hits the North Atlantic Ocean just outside of the UK and moves toward the Scotch mainland, laying waste to the town of Wick. Some predict that the crisis will die off; not so Professor Leonard Morrison. Now Leonard, his son Rob, top marine engineers and barrier experts, and Rob's ex-wife Sam have only a few hours to save the city from total devastation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flood torrent reviews

Diana M (it) wrote: Omg ganda tagala ni laida grabe lalo na sa miggy. i love the last scene.bebe koh!!

Joseph P (gb) wrote: I have no idea what the writer/director was going for. It's a slow movie with a lead who is immensely unlikeable as she showcases the makeup dept for the film as she looks undead for the camera. That's basically the only good aspect of this film.

Emily D (au) wrote: The kid was hilarious - the best part.

Andy V (ag) wrote: This is a sarcastic, funny, clever, touching movie featuring believable Seattleites and actually filmed in Seattle (and by the beach).

Marcy G (fr) wrote: best MA film yet.....of course i still love the 1938 film...

Sasy N (fr) wrote: Nett. Nicht so sehr actionreich und spannend, aber man kann sich den Film doch durchaus angucken... ich hab schon schlimmere gesehen. ;)

Richard B (ru) wrote: More fun to watch then anaconda.

Alex C (au) wrote: I've seen this film many times now and I find it to simply be one of the most overlooked films of the decade. I had it as a top 5 film of 2001. It's a story about Eddie, a long-time traveling diamond salesman who has a heart attack. The superiors at his company feel that he's too much of an insurance risk to go it alone on the road anymore, so they give him a new partner (and eventual replacement to train). This guy is Bobby, and he's brash and young and sees this job as just weekly fun road trips through Pennsylvania. I must say that this movie is just told so simply and with just the right amount of heart. Robert Forster, who is better known in recent years for "Jackie Brown" and lastly a half a season on the hit show "Heroes", is truly magnificent here. He's just so touching and strong, that it's really an exceptional performance. It reminds me of the more recent work by Richard Jenkins in "The Visitor". And Donnie Wahlberg gives my favorite performance from him to date, adding a good dose of humor to the film. And I'll also mention fairly unknown actresses Bess Armstrong and Jasmine Guy in very sweetly-constructed supporting roles. Overall, this movie is part road movie, part comedy, part drama, and a little bit of crime as well. I really hope more people discover this flick because "Diamond Men" is an absolute gem.

Justin C (gb) wrote: Decent despite its failed attempts to be clever.

Alan G (ag) wrote: Such a waste of potential. While the effects are impressive and some of the action is well-done, it just lacks what made "Star Wars" so popular to begin with - i.e, memorable characters and good story. The characters are too flat to be worth caring about, and the plot moves needlessly slowly. Lucas seems to think that flashy visuals and a few callbacks to the originals will automatically recall the magic of the original films, but it's ultimately a disappointing and frustrating mess that pales in comparison to the movies that spawned it.

Bill B (ag) wrote: There's a ton of boobs, but otherwise there's not a lot to recommend this in name only sequel,

John D (us) wrote: Hampered by poor script, weak direction, and a leading lady who looks like Miss Piggy.

Brian P (au) wrote: Quite a poor movie to say the least..... Certainly not worth the time to watch it.

Fong K (fr) wrote: About Thomas Edward Lawrence and his accomplishments in the Arab Revolt, this David Lean masterpiece is so spectacularly lensed, so movingly scored and so epically made, it stands formidably timeless.

Aleksi L (gb) wrote: Great WWII movie. Little dated maybe but good. I'm always very excited when I'm watching a submarine film. Very nice.

Owen C (it) wrote: One of my favorite action movies of all time. Saw it as a very young kid and searched for it in the TV listings every sunday after that. Great fun for me even now.

Jenna G (au) wrote: The performances from Stewart & Moadi are solid and this story had a lot of potential, but I just felt that it didn't really go anywhere. Or at least, anywhere interesting.

Josh M (ca) wrote: How can anyone enjoy this movie? It is hard to review because it is so sick, twisted, and disturbing. Its shock value is unprecedented and was even said to be a real snuff film. I guess that tells you how well the effects were. From a filming standpoint it is done very well, but the material is so rechid that most people will never watch it again. My review is conflicted.

Joel M (ca) wrote: 5/10: Predictable plot lines, but this South African production is worthy watch as its beautiful animation and story can rival the Pixars or Disneys of this world.

Kenny N (gb) wrote: I fell in love with Pam Grier(again) in this film. She's too tough ;)