Flores negras

Flores negras


Following the failure of his last mission, RFG spy Michael Roddick decides to disappear, taking along Elena, the daughter of a Russian spy who died under strange circumstances. They settle in Barcelona and open a restaurant, to help them to forget about the past. Nevertheless, his former colleagues reappear alleging there are still some matters yet to be settled. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan S (es) wrote: A bit dated, but still a hilarious film. A classic.

Jose R (fr) wrote: Better that the 2nd one , good horror movie

Robert C (fr) wrote: One of my favorite Hammer films and possibly one of my favorite vampire moivies.

Richard D (jp) wrote: I really wanted to like this film more. I really enjoy the large cast WWII extravaganza genre kicked off by "The Longest Day". This one has a great cast. It just didn't click with me. Perhaps it's just a little too dry in that oh so British fashion.

David F (au) wrote: One of the best Film Noir movies with a convoluted plot, style, and a great femme fatale.

Michael W (de) wrote: It's a well done example of "show don't tell" Jannings manages to get across everything you need to know without hardly any title cards.

Wes S (de) wrote: A bit weird, very confusing, but an alright tale. There's not a lot that's memorable, and the pacing is slow. The characters don't make a ton of sense. There are some decent scenes though, and it's fairly watchable.

Andrew M (ca) wrote: Emotionally resonating and sure to elicit tears in its uplifting third act, Rudy overcomes its sentimentality via a strong performance from Sean Astin as the titular character and its persistent sense of spirit.

Thomas P (au) wrote: Ben Kingsley is intense and unrelenting, but this foul-mouthed, vulgar character ruins everything in this movie, and gives no redeeming quality in the least.It may be a despicable pitch black so-called comedy, but any attempt at humor was lost on me. The pervasive language was to much.Waste of time.