Floris van Rozemond Junior, son and heir of a long line of knights of that name, refuses to go in the military 'family business' and becomes an actor, a profession scorned by his homonymous... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nandita A (it) wrote: Different,Cute,Sweet...Ali Zafar is too HOT!!!!

Sherry R (ru) wrote: what do you get when you cross public greed for more realistic reality shows and stories of haunted prisons? Interesting stuff...that's what you get.

Marilena G (ag) wrote: Interesting premise, the rest of the movie is average at best though..

Jared M (nl) wrote: I liked it enough to continue the marathon

Carmen G (ag) wrote: This was more better than "The Beginning"

Annie C (jp) wrote: love how Hou captures the very subtle changes of light and mostly in the background. I'm not familiar with Ozu but this movie reminds me of Eric Rohmer's wonderful work instead. Very classy musical score also.

Matt M (es) wrote: This movie is like a pre-pubescent "Die Hard" made for 12 year old boys. Looking back, the movie is not that good. The action scenes are cheesy, the dialogue even cheesier and the story is pretty ridiculous. Patrick Stewart, Brenda Fricker and Vincent Kertheiser are all interesting to watch though.However, this movie will always have a special place for me. The movie isn't that good, but if you saw it as a kid, it's sorta like a teddy bear you don't want to throw away and keep through college hidden in a box....not that I do that.

Peggy C (it) wrote: Anita....miss u much....she was the only one perfect for "yu fa"

John W (gb) wrote: Terrible effects (but cool killbots) and an implausible plot can't stand in the way of this funny, corny film. You could almost say that there is a subtle indictment of 80's over-consumerism and the fear of computers and technology in the story line, but that would be reading too much into what is really a great example of unintentionally campy 80's T&A horror. There are definitely some nostalgic moments in the background with the interior of a mall as the film set.

(ru) wrote: "This has to be one of my favorite John Candy films. I have many. He's a big favorite of mine. While on a forced vacation with his family, Jack becomes fast enemies with the towns sailing legend Al. When Al seeks out to ruin Jack and his families vacation, Jack decides to get back at Al by entering the sailing competition to win the trophy that Al has won for many, many years. A lot of hilarity happens inbetween all of this with lots of laughs that the entire family would enjoy. I love these great comedies from the 80's. They were just so easy and didn't try so hard. See it if you get the chance."

HP K (au) wrote: Demme on tehnyt niin paljon hyvia leffoja ennen Uhrilampaitakin etta hui. Roy Scheider on yksi lempi nyttelijoita ja tassa elokuvassa kerrassaan mahtava. Aikuisena psykologisena jannarina ansaitsee useampia katsomiskertoja ja tulkintoja. Jo juliste kuuluu osaksi juonta ja elokuva alkaa katsojan paassa ennen ensimmaista kuvaa hitaasti nostattaa kysymyksia. Muukin nayttelija kaarti on oivallista ja ohjaus manipuloi taitavasti kuten Hitchkock tyyliin kuuluu.

Johnny B (ca) wrote: I love Clint Eastwood but this was boring.