Flottans överman

Flottans överman

Fabian Bom has been sent by the Export Association to promote the Swedish export to Spain. He travels with the navy's cruiser to Barcelona, but his jealous fiancée Gullan has followed him ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   spain,   navy,  

Fabian Bom has been sent by the Export Association to promote the Swedish export to Spain. He travels with the navy's cruiser to Barcelona, but his jealous fiancée Gullan has followed him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Champ S (us) wrote: The story is intense from the beginning to the end. Not one moment that I feel safe for the sisters. But the conclusion is rather lacking. Wishing to have a more conclusive ending.

Arianeta L (de) wrote: For me it was a unique cinematic experience even thought I had doubts about this silence film. But this surviving work of director F.W. Murnau remains some of the most significant and stunning of the silent era. Filmed entirely in Tahiti, `Tabu' would prove to be Murnau's last film (he died in a tragic car accident just weeks before the film's premiere) and most unusual - he actually collaborated with director Robert Flaherty in this tale of two doomed lovers that unintentionally transports `Romeo and Juliet' into the South Pacific. Unlike his landmark expressionist titles such as `Nosferatu' and `Faust,' Murnau's `Tabu' is set mostly outdoors and features dazzling images of beautiful young native men and women at home in their Polynesian paradise in the first part of the film, with haunting images used to chronicle tragedy and paradise lost in the second half of the 81 minute classic.

Andrea M (ru) wrote: Not perfect, but really enjoyable. The second half was better. But... They say they counted 12 reviews for this film but like... four of them are the same review in different papers. That seems unfair. The film is worth watching.

Ilija (ag) wrote: I watched this last summer 10 years to the day of it's premiere. Now that's not important I imagine.What is important is how I loved the descend into this film (into it's madness). At one point the protagonist (a writer) writes a loophole to bail them (us) out. An exit from madness. A retreat to cushy confines of logic. I took it. But. I liked the safe ride and now I'm hooked. And that's only fair- isn't it?

Dave J (ag) wrote: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (1999) American Movie DOCUMENTARY This is my second or third viewing of optimistic horror filmmaker Mark Borchardt with documentary filmmaker, Chris Smith documents some of Mark's tribulations regarding directing low budget horror films who was inspired by the likes of Tobe Hooper of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" fame and George A Romero of "Night Of The Living Dead" and Dawn Of the Dead. Putting a lot of time and money into a movie called "Coven" as well as using family and friends. The most engaging character is Mark's uncle, Bill Borchardt. 3 out of 4 stars

John R (ru) wrote: looks way too boring

Misty S (au) wrote: Don't know why I like this movie. It's just one of my feel good flicks that I watch every now and then.

Timothy B (br) wrote: What can I say, a classic and Rosalind Russell is perfect! It's hard not to smile the whole time you are watching this film.

Steven M (it) wrote: Top five bond Great soundtrack Great story Telly savalas one of the best bond baddies ever If Connery or Craig had done this ????

Kunal J (jp) wrote: Its an absolute masterpiece from Scorsese and De Niro. Right from scene one wherein De Niro starts his monologue preparing for the script for the comedy stand till the very last scene, again a monologue from the famous film "On the Waterfront". The movie makes you wonder and spare a thought about a man who had achieved so much and yet fell to such a level wherein he would long forget the past glory he had achieved. I've seen a lot of films of De Niro but this one is certainly is the best. Some of the scenes like the one in jail where he hits the wall and sobs saying that "Im not an animal, Im not that bad" is superb or the scene where he suspects his brother having an affair with Vicky. Scorsese's technique of camera work and light along with the Black and White charm adds more importance to the film and its set up. Its hard to digest that the film was not accepted as a Best Picture contender by Academy, but rest assured everyone knows what this film is. As someone said, "great work dont need labels, awards or honour, they need the vision to foresee what makes it great".