Flower in Hell

Flower in Hell

A country bumpkin (Dong-shik) goes to Seoul in order to bring his older brother (Young-shik)back to the country. Little does he know Young-shik is a petty crook involved with a prostitute (Sonia) who is servicing American GIs. Then Sonia comes onto Dong-shik...

A country bumpkin (Dong-shik) goes to Seoul in order to bring his older brother (Young-shik)back to the country. Little does he know Young-shik is a petty crook involved with a prostitute (Sonia) who is servicing American GIs. Then Sonia comes onto Dong-shik... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (kr) wrote: Art inspires work, work inspires art. Jim Jarmusch's latest low-key character study has a small voice but a loud heart. The languid focus on a week in the life of bus driver with a poetic touch, might not be to everyone's taste. However, for those who are drawn into the steady, methodical pace, will be rewarded with a deeply rich, engaging and charming insight into a slice of Americana life. Possibly, the director's best work yet.

Travis w (br) wrote: I'm sorry but this movie didn't even deserve the one dollar I paid to rent it. Barely any story plot, bad acting and yes; I know the martial arts are the genuine article but karate is just not the type of martial art that looks good on screen. It's too practical and straightforward. The reason Kungfu is the norm of martial arts movies is the fact that even the most practical move can still look so gracefull or just downright cool. This movie didn't do it for me. I've seen c-grade kungfu films that are better than this.

Farron K (us) wrote: Solid movie. Resolved the last one's ending, in the most bizarre way possible, which of course is a plus. Zapp is still awesome, Bender's long-lost son sequence had me laughing my ass off, and Fry gets dumped by Heaven who then subsequently shacks up with his last girlfriend. All is well.

Kinah R (au) wrote: cool movie, its on tv alot

ramis v (it) wrote: i put five star for this one but i know a lot of poeple will not agree with me on this one but it is stricly personal taste

Tyress J (us) wrote: I just love to read reviews where critics refer to the realitys' of the urban culture as cliche, or ghetto. Unfortunately, for far too many of us within the culture, the movie highlights the few choices, we as a culture have to rise from poverty: sports or Illicit activities. Most in the pursuit to end their struggle. The only thing really cliche about this movie is the happy ending where Dwayne Johnson (Kyle Watson) on to play as George town. want to see your so called "ghetto" "cliche" visit your nearest urban area. I and most of my people love this movie. It's by B.U.F.U. By us f*** u. Fubu. so you probably wouldn't understand.

Ken S (es) wrote: Decent bio pic about Jerry Lee Lewis. He was pretty weird - married his 13 year old cousin and rock and roll'd pretty heavy for his day. Overall doesn't do anything any other bio pic hasn't done before or since.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Here is a weak contribution to the horror genre.

Jose S (mx) wrote: Still powerful and, sadly, still relevant.

Andy L (it) wrote: A brilliantly odd film, with fantastic imagery and great inventive camerawork. Some of the scenes of dialogue let it down a little, but the rest more than makes up for this.

Dave R (it) wrote: Oh man what a piece of crap no really a peace of crap I have ever seen so bad dumb why was this film made no clue but I still watched it

STCENTERPRISE (fr) wrote: Chariots Fire 1981 The film begins in London in 1978Score done completely on the key boardBeside authentic period music not part of the score. June 24, 1924This is about running athletes trying for their Chance to win championship to run in the Paris 1924 Olympics. Two athletes a Jew and Catholic go to Cambridge. Cambridge 1919Boys choir sing in front of a list of names of the dead from World War I in England at Cambridge. 1914-1918Cariots of Fire has a authentic historical period look to the film credited to the language, locations, sets, and costumes. The two factors that make you identify that the film is made in the early 1980's is the musical score and the slow motion running that immediately tell you when the film is made and know it is not a period film. What I like is the historical period locations and authentic period cloths that sell the believability of the film. I am not sure if I would watch the film all the way through again. I was not into the story because it was not that interesting. There were no challenges that were obviously stood in the way. The film it went a little too long.

Schmoog L (de) wrote: I almost overlooked this one, until I read somewhere that Tarantino is very appreciative of it. In terms of old B-grade exploitation slasher flicks, Don't Go in the House displays some originality and a little more depth than you would commonly get from the genre. Worth a watch, if you're into that kinda thing.

Kristi M (ag) wrote: If you suffer from acute and excessive optimism then this is the cure for you. The acting is good as expected but the story is so dark and the allusions are so bleak that I feel like I need to watch Titanic to even out the cynicism that I just witnessed.

Leia C (de) wrote: At first it seemed to have a good story, but when it got to the end it sort of veered into something else, which I'm not sure I liked. It is a lot like the original, but it incorporates voodoo into the story. I was a bit disappointed with this movie.

D M (br) wrote: A horror/thriller about a tough cop, jailed for finding corruption too high up the power structure, returns not to only get revenge, but to kill for killing's sake. I have no interest in the sequels, but is mildly entertaining, mostly because of Bruce Campbell and some good action sequences.

John M (ru) wrote: One of those rare riveting movies about chess. So amidst the mistrust between countries during the Cold War, chess was exploding in popularity across the globe. The best of the best was American Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire), and this is the story about how he competed against the top Russian player, Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber) in a multi-game series. One of my favorite non-movie pastimes is playing board games. My wife and I both love it, and I'm pretty certain our collection has eclipsed over 130 at this point, if not more (but who's counting?). The very first game to send me down this path at a very young age was most definitely the game of chess; the strategy can vary so much from game to game, and you can find yourself in so many different scenarios, what's not to love? I always knew about Bobby Fischer by name, but I never really knew him as a person; in the chess world, his reputation is unparalleled, but it's not like I ever read a book or anything about the guy, and this was not something that I lived through. Pawn Sacrifice serves as an excellent character study, truly showing just what makes this man tick. I really felt like I learned something in addition to being entertained, which isn't something I expected to say regarding a movie about chess. This performance is brought to life by an inspired Tobey Maguire; I thought he's been good in the past, but I've never seen him deliver a performance as elevated as the one he does here. He has all these paranoid ticks to him, and all the oddities that come off as character flaws when you know you're the smartest person in the room. Playing off Tobey is a quality cast of character actors that is always working. The terrific Michael Stuhlbarg shows up for a small role, as does Peter Sarsgaard. I didn't like Schreiber when I first saw him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I've come to realize that is merely because that is an atrocious movie, because he has been great in everything I've seen him in since, this included. Pawn Sacrifice is more exciting than a movie about chess has any right to be. It has a similar framework to a boxing movie, believe it or not, and when you get to the final showdown between Fischer and Spassky, it's like watching heavyweights trade blows in the center of the ring. The movie itself has a great flow to it, and it is well worth seeing the performance given by Maguire, as he doesn't play Fischer, but becomes him.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Grade - D-'Chi-Raq' tells a story that could be turned into a good movie. This, however, is not that movie. It's visually proficient, with good direction from Spike Lee and equally good cinematography. But with a bad script featuring terrible dialgoue and uneven pacing, coupled with mostly overdone performances, the movie unfortunately wastes any potential it once had.