Flower in the Rain

Flower in the Rain

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David G (ag) wrote: Less the 80's ninjasploitation throwback I was hoping for (a'la Ninja Assassin), more your bog standard low budget action movie... with ninjas! There are a couple of highlights worth keeping an eye out for including Anthony Wong (whom Matrix fans will recognise as Ghost from Reloaded, Revolutions and Enter the Matrix), Crystal Kwon's kill crazy kunoichi and the odd cool ninja moment (don't expect the OTT mysticism we all know and love though, the film takes itself far too seriously to allow magical hand gestures and disappearing into thin air) but the plot is generic rubbish, the characters are bland (for the most part), and the action is largely spoilt by spastic editing and shaky cam. As for Casper Van Dien, well this certainly isn't going to propel him out of Hollywood purgatory but one thing's for damn sure - it's a hell of a lot better than Starship Troopers 3!

Pavandeep S (ca) wrote: This film is really interesting. I remember reading once somewhere about a bunch of old-school concert pianists coming to town how it was interesting because it is rare now to hear a difference in the playing style of a German and a Pole and a Japanese as everything is very universal and so, dull. This film was a film school graduation piece, it looks like one too. The director has some ability no doubt, but she is very constant and nothing about her really smells of her and everything is something else. A good film, a fine film which really held my attention at the lead female need for something, maybe the director was poking fun at herself, awareness of the conceit but still, no doubt there is more to come.

Quinto W (mx) wrote: Awful dialogue, terrible performance, epileptic camera movements, plenty of WTF moments and a tired plot make this an entertaining, laughable crime B-Movie.

Julia L (mx) wrote: Good movie. Filmed in New Zealand. Tom Selleck and in particular Ian Mune shine!

Daryl (es) wrote: not a bad movie some of the acting was bad but the story line was better then what I thought it was going to be.

Linus K (es) wrote: caught it on sundance channel ..pleasantly suprised! clever and compelling use of biochemistry to explain love.. and the need to believe in it anyways.

Troy M (kr) wrote: I loved Whoopi's voicing skills.

Willy L (nl) wrote: Just saw this on HBO...good movie awesome acting...check it out

Alberta B (ru) wrote: I don't care what these other critics say. This movie still is funny.

Calvin R (it) wrote: Beautiful Thing is definitely a must see Gay/Romance film, its just brilliant in story, performance, and the dynamics of it, just makes it kinda different then other LGTB films.

Shannon B (fr) wrote: kind of wierd but it was ok

Joe H (de) wrote: Incredible new take on the Christian film genre. Not only filled with relatable humor and terrifyingly accurate Christian stereotypes but also managed to pull the story together in a convicting and Biblically satisfying way. I am incredibly impressed with everyone's performance in this film and was literally in tears whenever Johanna Braddy (Callie) began to testify to the importance of having hope in Jesus alone. I recommend this film to everyone but especially Christians who want a Biblically accurate yet fun and enjoyable movie.