Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic

After the death of her husband, a mother takes her kids off to live with their grandparents in a huge, decrepit old mansion. However, the kids are kept hidden in a room just below the attic, visited only by their mother who becomes less and less concerned about them and their failing health, and more concerned about herself and the inheritence she plans to win back from her dying father.

After the death of her husband, a mother takes her kids off to live with their grandparents in a huge, decrepit old mansion. However, the kids are kept hidden in a room just below the attic, visited only by the grandmother, and their mother, who becomes less and less concerned about them and their failing health, and more concerned about herself and the inheritance she plans to win back from her dying father, to the point of murder... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerardo M (nl) wrote: Saliendo de verla y la verdad me gusto bastante, la recomiendo mucho, tiene un inicio medio lento pero se va poniendo buena, es predecible pero an as entretenida, me gusto la forma en que representan a Mxico, es una comedia romntica que parece gringa pero es mexicana como el tequila.

Kevin A (jp) wrote: If you're an NFL fan you will like this movie more then it's objective entertainment value. While it's a good movie with a plot twist in the draft that is done with great story telling. It's not a great movie. It's a mildly corny feel good movie NFL centered drama. While the story does try to get me to care about Kebin Costner's character on a personal level I found it difficult to care about his fathers death and his feelings towards Jennifer Garner. This movie isn't about the characters it's about the thrill of the pick. An intellectual thriller only a person familiar with the NFL would enjoy. I just so happened to be one of those people.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Directed by Anand Tucker, (Hilary and Jackie (1998), Shopgirl (2005) and Leap Year (2010)), this is based on the 1993 memoir by author Blake Harrison, here adapted by novelist David Nicholls, (Starter for 10 and One Day), it's a good film with two powerful lead performances, and it captures the eras it's set in well too, it's about father and son bonding and the ups and downs it has. It is 1989, and novelist Blake Harrison (Colin Firth) is tending to his father Arthur (Jim Broadbent), who is slowly dying of cancer. Blake remembers the life he has had with his father, when Blake told his father that he wanted to be a writer, Arthur never supported it, as he was a rural general practitioner in rural Yorkshire, an he was hoping Blake was going to follow him into that profession too. Arthur has a tendency for embarrassing Blake at the worst possible opportunity, and hampering his chances with girls, both Arthur was also able to bond with Blake when the time was right, and those times were incredible. It's a very good film, it comes across like a non-fantastical version of Big Fish (2003), but it's got a good supporting cast including Juliet Stevenson, Gina McKee, Sarah Lancashire and Carey Mulligan. Firth makes a good, frustrated Blake Morrison, who is simultaneously infuriated by his father and he also loves and respects him. Broadbent is brilliant, and somehow manages to steal the film from everyone else.

Stephen C (us) wrote: Probably the worst movie I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. Thin, poorly-drawn characters. Precocious kids saying implausible things. The obligatory bien-pensant Hollywood anti-Bush scene (in this case, made even more silly by being a protest song written by a, uh, 12 year old). Everything about this movie, apart from the star-thudded cast (what were they thinking? Who has the bestiality negatives?) was cringeworthy. Like that second packet of crisps: unnourishing, worthless, and nauseating...

Isaac B (es) wrote: Bruce Almighty is pure fun. The constant religious references and humor are very well placed and give its comedy factor a boost. Don't worry, the jokes in this film are funny for non-religious people (maybe even especially for non-religious people) as the plot line deals with the classic ups and downs of its protagonist as it should. "What would you do if you had the power of God?" Is the overpowering theme of this movie and I have to say the "everyday" protagonist Bruce answers those questions perfectly. I also have to give a nod to the creativity factored into the idea of the role of playing God. The thought of putting this power in a humans control and seeing how he deals with it makes this movie a success on its own. Lastly for the pros, Morgan Freeman as God... perfect. On the con side, this movie does have its faults. I know many people who find Jim Carrey's humor to be a bit too much and hard to watch at times which may definitely occur to those same people if they decide to watch this film. It's goofy, silly, and classic Carrey humor. Also this movie does not handle the core relationship of Carrey and Aniston very well. When it seems as though Aniston would never forgive him, one minute later she is back in love for the convenience of the story. No one likes when unrealistic romance such as that occurs to "make the audience happy" and "end on an uplifting note". Give us viewers a bit more credit.Besides that, this is a fun movie and on Netflix at the moment which makes it the perfect time killer.

John V (ru) wrote: This movie is routinely described as "charming;" yet the plot revolves around a woman (Bebe Neuwirth) who seduces a minor (Aaron Stanford) into genital-genital intercourse. How is this "charming? I think it is illegal.

Glen G (au) wrote: This is the worst film ever - I'd rather drown in a septic tank.

Private U (ca) wrote: A riveting tale of a man forced to lead a country mired in corruption and political back-dealing. Dreyfus has you spellbound from the moment he appears on screen. Quite simply a masterpiece.

Sean S (mx) wrote: A fun film for NASCAR fans. With a ton of driver, announcer, and persona cameos in the film, it has a soft spot in the racing fan's heart. Side note- Jim Nabors, the 2nd leading man and Stroker's mechanic, is known for singing "Back Home in Indiana" every year before the Indianapolis 500. Anyways, a fun little film, if you know about the time and event's the film is portrayed around.

Ty P (us) wrote: Bryan Brown and Edward Woodward are really soemthing special. An historic Australian film up there with Gallipoli, before special effects and super violence, when it just came down to a story and your ability to act.

Tyler P (gb) wrote: Un classique du Wu Xia Pan.

D M (mx) wrote: The movie which apparently started the Italians making good horror, though this does not resemble those the country would be become known for a decade or two later. This was B/W and seemed to act as a segue between the 30s and 40s gothic-style horror utilizing shadows and lighting for atmosphere with the more graphic and explicitly gory style which was just starting to pop up at this time. Small, but marvelous sets. A beautiful Satanist is killed back in the 1600s only to be resurrected 200 years later as a vampiress. She seeks revenge on her family which had her killed. Avoid the American edit and go for the original.

Wayne H (gb) wrote: A horrible movie that only has one redeeming value, in that you could easily mock it. The cinematography was horrible and the acting was over-done and the premise was so over-the-top as to imagine how anyone could ever have fallen for it. Pass this one by.

Tatsuhito K (kr) wrote: Saw this wonderful indie gem not knowing what it's about prior to the viewing, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and found it to be charming, gentle, and quietly moving. I'll See You In My Dreams works on multiple levels; it's funny, thoughtful and bittersweet. A beautiful piece of work.

Craig F (us) wrote: Wooden performances and is that really it? It's entirely unsatisfying and unresolved, wasting Diane Lane and Kristen Stewart.

Michael P (ca) wrote: This is truly a water down French Connection. It has it's moments, but not too many. Cool car chase scene!

Federico F (es) wrote: Nel segno dell'avventura con una comicit burbera e amichevole