Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil

Paris-Tehran. A rootless love story between Gecko, young and free, and Anahita, an Iranian woman in exile - tangled up in History and steeped in Internet, unique and spontaneous.

Paris-Tehran. A rootless love story between Gecko, young and free, and Anahita, an Iranian woman in exile - tangled up in History and steeped in Internet, unique and spontaneous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michele C (br) wrote: A must see whether you're into skateboarding or not.

Nick G (fr) wrote: Silly, lovable. Not the best, especially on the Pesci scale, but still an enjoyable comedy.

Kioku Kage Ryu (mx) wrote: it bored me I hated it

Nolan M (ca) wrote: Nothing new from the first two...but entertaining.

Serge L (br) wrote: Great movie, I shouldn't like it. But somehow I just love this film, the music, guy pierce, robert carlyle and a mischievous sense of humour, not to mention sound effects as the titles come in. awesome.

Shane M (de) wrote: Good of the few that doesn't wrap up all neatly at the end.

Earl H (de) wrote: Amazing Soundtrack, free flowing coming of age lesbian drama, Allison Folland is terrific, but man that soundtrack is soooooo great.

Derek R (fr) wrote: "It's-it's awful.... I-it's awful.. EVERY FUCKING TIME ITS AWFUL!" ~JonTron

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Andri A (jp) wrote: Sometimes live just ain't enough...

Josh A (ag) wrote: It seems less spontaneous and more over the top than Borat, but much of it is still hilarious and shocking. It nearly starts to take itself too seriously towards the end, but never quite crosses that line.

Scott M (us) wrote: Why is this group of men walking hundreds of miles to save one man? What makes him more special over millions of others? That's a good question. One that many find tough to answer. Me included. FUBAR.