Otsuta is running the geisha house Tsuta in Tokyo. Her business is heavily in debt. Her daughter Katsuyo doesn't see any future in her mothers trade in the late days of Geisha. But Otsuta will not give up. This film portraits the day time life of geisha when not entertaining customers.

Otsuta is running the geisha house Tsuta in Tokyo. Her business is heavily in debt. Her daughter Katsuyo doesn't see any future in her mothers trade in the late days of Geisha. But Otsuta ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niral G (de) wrote: I had really low expectations for this movie, so that may be why I was actually impressed. Anil Kapoor acted really well for his role and Salman did well too. The rest of the cast was not as impressive, but the movie was still entertaining.

ahmed (de) wrote: Thanks to master Stallone`s "The Expendables" I remembered that there was an ultimate action hero that I used to cheer in my childhood called Dolph Lundgren. When I knew that this film is showing on TV I actually sat down and watched just for the sake of old times and it didnot dissapoint after all. Your typical straight to DVD action fun with alot of dead bodies that I failed to count the number of the bodies a thing that I do in such films, some explosions and hand to hand combat in which Dolph kicks whatever stands in his way. Please donot ask about the plot,the storyline and the character development these things are found in the lame sissy films not here. Genre fans will probably enjoy.(Do you know that he managed to shoot 3 guys while having his hands tied behind his back! fun haa)

Dale R (br) wrote: Interesting drama, might be a bit too little in it, but collin farrel is great and so is michael shannon in a small role. Also I'm pretty sure this is where Robert Downy Jnr. got his accent for his Tropic Thunder character from

Samantha S (jp) wrote: Stick to the original.

Shantel D (ru) wrote: I LOVE this movie, as well as the spinoff t.v. show "The Rez." I always thought the acting was decent. It has just the right amount of humor mixed into the drama, which the nearer you get to the end, the more intense it becomes. When I first saw this film, shortly after it came out, I knew that Adam Beach would go somewhere. Unfortunately, Ryan Black I have not encountered outside of this movie and the t.v series. If you are a fan of indie film, I think you should check this one out.

Tamara H (nl) wrote: This looks good and creepy, not to mention a good watch especially with Kidman and Craig.

Adrian B (jp) wrote: Sad to see the 'Get Happy' number, realising that it was Garland's last-ever number for MGM. This was also the last time we got to see the Garland-Kelly pairing. Certainly a fine musical from such a simple story.

Gergely K (jp) wrote: OMG! Herschell Gordon Lewis, Wizard of Gore c. 1970-s munkja r (C)gta a kedvenc lsd trip horrorjaim kztt szerepel. A sehov nem tart filmben egy 'r 1/4lt bv (C)sz embereket szed sz (C)t cafatokra a sznpadon, majd az el'ads utn n (C)hny rval a lelkes jelentkez'k a val vilgban is elhalloznak. Joel M. Reed szinte sz szerint megism (C)telte Lewis vzijt n (C)hny vltoztatst leszmtva. A Blood Sucking Freaks bv (C)sze ugyanis nem engedi el az ldozatokat, hanem egyszeren csak bezrva tartja 'ket a pinc (C)ben (C)s kedv (C)re knozza 'ket, seg (C)dj (C)vel a fekete trp (C)vel... Ez alapjn m (C)g mindig lehetne j is a film (:D), de hinyzik bel'le mindenfajta stilizls, vagy pszichedelikus hatst kivlt elem, emiatt az eg (C)sz olyan mintha csak egy elmebeteg 12 (C)ves csinlt volna egy j v (C)res, er'szakos mozit.

Shelli D (it) wrote: Loved it as well. Jennifer is pretty freaky, and creepy.

Ethan P (nl) wrote: Beautiful cinematography, and Sarah Jessica Parker will make you cry!

Chris C (gb) wrote: Elisabeth Shue delivers a smart, strong female performance consisting of plenty of laughs in this relentlessly entertaining 'big-city' black comedy.