Infected through the respiratory system, there is a new kind of disease that kills in 36 hours once infected. The people of the city struggle to survive this. The worst epidemic ever seen is sweeping through Bundang, the suburb of Seoul. After smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, Byung-woo dies from an unknown virus. Soon after that, the same symptoms are plaguing scores of residents in Bundang.

The worst epidemic ever seen is sweeping through Bundang, the suburb of Seoul. After smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, Byung-woo dies from an unknown virus. Soon after that, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan M (fr) wrote: dry, I expected more

Natascia L (gb) wrote: An eye-opening movie that not only taught me a great deal about the UN's role in the Rwandan genocide but also of its effects on Dallaire. I liked the mix of 1994 and current clips.

Wahyu Y (nl) wrote: i dont actually got the message on this flick .. i think it like secret window's depp .. pretty intense thriller ..

Japhordan C (fr) wrote: It's got something to say, but Dr. Dolittle 2 is merely another film to add to a dumb only-for-kids franchise.

Kate M (kr) wrote: This is a pre-Bond Daniel Craig film where he plays a middle aged man beset by mental illness and paranoia and denial about his condition. He doesn't trust the pills his brother (David Morrissey) is giving him and he finds it hard to relate to other people and communicate in a way we consider socially acceptable. He then falls into a relationship with a Scottish girl (Kelly MacDonald) who is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, but he loves her and the happiness she brings convinces him that he doesn't need medical help, so he goes on a hiatus from the pills and things slowly spiral downwards from here on in.I didn't recognise Daniel Craig at all when the film began as he looks so different - older actually, compared to how he is now! He is excellent in this, managing to portray a difficult and complex condition in an authentic and discerning way. I'm not a huge fan of Daniel Craig, but this is certainly one of his break out performances. It's a very strong British ensemble actually, and that adds to the credence of the film and the characters. The relationship between Ray and Laura is lovely to watch because you are routing for them both to be happy together. And there are some overly romantic implausible scenes to enjoy as well - watching as she comes out onto the balcony to see him standing on the beach in the middle of a crop circle he has drawn in the sand is pure gooey.The problem was the script - it was all too neat; too much of an exemplary tick the boxes screenplay. He meets girl, he's happy, he gives up pills, he starts becoming paranoid, he becomes erratic and unstable, there's a big explosive climax, and then an ending where he's recovering and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. I think they could have been a bit more inventive and imaginative with the storyline and his behaviour. If he had been a bit more up and down throughout the film it might have created a bit more excitement and interest about what's going to happen in the end. Instead it was pretty predictable and unoriginal. That said, the film didn't over schmaltz things too much (there is all the cooking scenes with his brother...) and that saves the film from being completely innocuous.It reminded me of a film I saw recently called 'Adam', where the girl needs saving by someone who thinks and sees the world differently to her but ultimately that difference means they can never permanently be together. I think it's nye impossible to have a good mental illness/disability film with romance being a key genre, and I don't expect there to ever be one (this coming from a girl who hasn't seen Rain Man or A Beautiful Mind - shhhh!).The acting and chemistry between all the cast was good and this was definitely one of the better efforts coming out of the British film house. It's worth seeing if it's ever on but don't expect to be profoundly blown away by it.

Romano C (jp) wrote: Magnetic Rose: flawless space opera/psychological thriller. Every person on Earth has to watch this! And the soundtrack is part Cowboy Beebop, part Blue Gender. Worthy of purchase. I can also see Satoshi's talent all over it. 5.0/5.0 The youtube quality does not even approach justice off the HD craftsmanship.Stink Bomb: A Neon Genesis parody?? But humourous none-the-less, also action packed. 4.25/5.0 Very unique comedy.Cannon Fodder: A visualization of the novel 1984. Or Fahrenheit 451, either dystopia[this word is triggering spellcheck?! wtf!] where ideas are controlled. 4.0/5.0Definitely could be longer and darker. But due to budget or too much subtlety on the Director's part, fails to complete the presentation.Ironically, reminds me of the Iraq War CIA propaganda.All 3 are animated, stand-alone vignettes. But 2 of them will make an anime fan out of you[be afraid!]. The last is slightly off-putting...

Tyler S (fr) wrote: I found this movie to be a good, inspiring film that really moved my emotions. Brendan Fraser was calm and convincing as a college student at Harvard who dropped the most important thesis of his life down into a drain/basement where a home less man lived. In trade for the pages back he offers him a place to sleep in his van and eventually a unique bond is formed. A good drama with a little romance thrown in...A moving film.

David S (kr) wrote: This was the most horrible comedy I've ever seen. I actually felt sorry for Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell and cant understand what they were going for. It wasn't funny and a lot of it was just a predictable cliche. Don't get me wrong I think a spoof of the old 60s Betwiched was a fantastic idea but this was just terrible. I wasn't expecting them to copy the old Bewtiched and I wasn't watching it with any expectations other than the premise of a witch getting hitched with a human. It's just that the script was a big fail, the jokes were bland, and it was just another predictable Hollywood crank out film.

Alan20 R (es) wrote: This is one of the best superhero origin story movies of all time, for me at least. Robert Downey J.R owns the role of Iron Man, I could not imagine anyone else playing the playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark. Not a very good villain but Ill give it a pass because it handles the comic book material so well. I totally recommend it

Lanky Man P (au) wrote: You'll enjoy Krampus if you treat it as a comedy film instead of a horror film.