Flunky, Work Hard!

Flunky, Work Hard!

A short concerning an impoverished insurance salesman and his scrappy son, whose fisticuffs with the other boys of their village put his father’s livelihood in jeopardy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:29 minutes
  • Release:1931
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A short concerning an impoverished insurance salesman and his scrappy son, whose fisticuffs with the other boys of their village put his father’s livelihood in jeopardy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flunky, Work Hard! torrent reviews

Jesse O (us) wrote: Not as horrifically terrible as I was expecting once I started watching it. It's not a good film, in fact, it's actually pretty bad. But it's bad in a way that's kinda charming in a B-movie way. It's cheap, it's poorly acted and it's got some terrible CG effects and it makes no bones about it. I like Stephen Rea, but I'm genuinely curious what he saw in this script. Maybe he desperately needed the paycheck. This movie is weird in the sense that I spent a lot of the time thinking to myself of who the people in the cast reminded me of, that were already famous. Clearly the lead is Bradley Cooper. The British guy reminds me of what a child between Robert Downey Jr. and Alan Cummings would look like. And David, the young apprentice, his voice reminded me of a Elijah Wood. Why the fuck did I spend so much time on that? I literally have no idea, but that's what I spent the movie doing. I wasn't exactly distracted since I was pretty much following the film from beginning to end, but my mind wanders sometimes. Plus I don't think I have much to write about this, so think of this as filler. Anyway, at least this is something that's easy to watch. It does not require a lot of brainpower to sit through. There's a lot of goofiness involved here, as was to be expected, and the film did make me laugh with its badness. Well, really, there was one really bad actor, the guy who plays Jaeger, who definitely made me laugh more than my fair share with how bad he was. It's not like the film is chock full of award-worthy performances, unless it's the Razzies, but Jaeger did stand out above everyone else in terms of how bad he was. He was definitely hamming it up. A lot of the story, to me, doesn't really make a whole lot of sense because it's hard to come up with a timeline for these things to have happened. Maybe it all lines up perfectly and I just didn't care to piece two and two together, but it just didn't work to me. And there's some strange character development here in that the British guy, who had been portrayed as an arrogant asshole, all of a sudden goes full-on evil. It was definitely out of left field. It was very poorly set-up and not particularly satisfying. I guess it was just something they had to do, but considering he had been travelling with the hunters, does that mean they had to deal with his bullshit once the solstice came? It just seems silly. And not to mention that, at the climax, which should be the most important part of the film since you're wrapping up your story, all of the hunters, minus the British guy, just absolutely vanish. They reappear, of course, but it's just odd that they would disappear during the climactic moments of the film. It is what it is. With that said, some of the practical gore effects are actually really good. Maybe not outstanding or anything, but better than the budget implied. I don't really have much else to add. This is a bad movie that you can laugh at with a group of friends. If you can gather up a group, then I say go for it. If not, well, there's probably better films to watch than this. Dead Snow 2, perhaps.

JuanKa P (br) wrote: De accion lenta, pero gran pelicula.

Shawn L (it) wrote: It's a funny, interesting & thought-provoking...The movie really brought out the issues that trans-people are facing... Actually, the LGBTQ community in general do face most of the issues too, perhaps just in a smaller magnitude...

Cris A (au) wrote: As the critic Peter Chattaway states "the film underscores the fact that the meaning of our lives ultimately comes from somewhere outside of ourselves." An incredibly interesting science-fiction concept is the premise of this film - a world where people are implanted with a chip that records their lives - and "rememories" are edited eulogies that open a rather large can of worms on the ethics of such implants. There are some incredibly moving moments in the film though it is patchy as well. See it for the idea.

John S (gb) wrote: This is the first and only Zatoichi that I've seen so far. I'm looking forward to seeing the one with Beat Takeshi in it. This one has alot of great moments, but it felt episodic and poorly edited. For example, that sex scene in the jacuzzi with all the fog was amazing.. but it just sort of comes out of no where. You mean to tell me she was just walking along the road all by herself in the middle of the night?!?! Just bizarre. Maybe it was supposed to be a dream? Who knows.The central performance is just great though. Oh, and one other thing. There is this eighties pop song that is plunked down right in the middle of the movie like a big wet turd. It didn't ruin the movie or anything, but it did make me laugh.

Tara H (au) wrote: An odd, sometimes interesting movie - written and directed by Ben Hecht, whose dialogue is often more compelling than the storyline, which drags a little. Thomas Mitchell, as a drunken playwright on the skids, steals the show. The scene where he calls his estranged wife from a hotel room - not noticing a young Rita Hayworth, watching over him like a guardian angel - is pure cinema.

Ben L (gb) wrote: Foreign Correspondent starts out feeling like a rather bland story about reporters trying to get the scoop on the impending war (WWII). But once a gun is fired it launches this film into a well-executed Hitchcock thriller. There were a number of moments where I felt the tension, as the story would constantly put our heroes in peril. I particularly loved one sequence where Joel McCrea is sent off with someone he doesn't know is an assassin. The sequence has these great ups-and-downs of excitement as you never know when the killer might strike. I'm not sure Joel McCrea was actually a good casting choice for the film, because he lacks the talent of some of his co-stars (particularly Herbert Marshall and George Sanders.) However, the plot keeps moving at a pace that doesn't really allow you to notice McCrea's shortcomings. The romance angle worked as a catalyst for a number of things that happen in the film, but it was accelerated way too much. It was almost comical how little time the 2 leads spent together before planning their wedding. I also didn't love the climactic scene in the plane, because that seemed to come out of nowhere. However, I think I mentally forgave some of the contrivances of the plot for the sake of an exciting story. Foreign Correspondent is actually a solid film largely because of what Hitchcock brought to it in style and tone. It might not be one of his top tier movies, but it's not half bad.

PY C (kr) wrote: Absolutely beautiful movie which really made me think why am I complicating life instead of enjoying the moment? This is the sort of movie I should rewatch every now and then to remind me of how precious time is.

Robbie N (gb) wrote: A fun, enjoyable comedy movie, with great chemistry between two admirable comedians. Wedding Crashers delivers a slow-paced love story between John and the shy, already taken, Claire. A movie that is primarily an old food recipe in different packaging, yet filled with raunchy, out there scenes with an uplifting cast, although admittedly some creepy and unnecessary themes. Wedding Crashers is an impressive comedy, and it made me laugh out loud more than once, it's overlying plot is different but the core story-arch is nothing new.

Ian E (es) wrote: "Batman: The Killing Joke" may be satisfyingly dark, fast-paced, and interesting. However, the plot is a bit disjointed because its first half does not have anything to do with the much more interesting second half.