Flying Blind

Flying Blind

A stylish mix of erotic love story and political thriller. Helen McCrory stars as a brilliant aerospace engineer who is drawn into a passionate affair with a younger male student while ...

A stylish mix of erotic love story and political thriller. Helen McCrory stars as a brilliant aerospace engineer who is drawn into a passionate affair with a younger male student while ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan D (br) wrote: [font=Palatino Linotype]Well, I [i]was[/i] planning on seeing a movie in a movie theater yesterday, but somehow, that never quite materialized. :rolleyes: Movies on Sunday afternoons are [i]always[/i] full, and/or sold out, especially, it seems, the movies I want to see. In any case, after trying to get into the 3rd theater, Hollywood Video just ended up looking easier. :( We ended up renting several movies, but I had to go home, and only saw this one... which was okay, considering I found it highly amusing. ;) [/font][font=Palatino Linotype]Ron White is part of the [b]Blue Collar Comedy Tour[/b], and I enjoyed his bit from that - he does equally as well here. I had heard some of his stuff already, but there was enough new and... uh, improved :) ... to keep me paying attention - not that I didn't laugh at the "already heard" lines. He's a funny guy, and the fact that he's constantly got a glass of scotch and a lit cigarrette only adds to the bit. ;) [/font][font=Palatino Linotype]There were some parts where it was just "... okay, let's move along, cause that one did a 'hit and miss'" but for the most part, it was well done - I must add though, that some parts of his humour aren't exactly suited for everyone: my mother, for example, and those with ... delicate sensitivities... :D He's a dirty old man, and you'll know it. ;) [/font]

Tameca C (it) wrote: This movie, to be fair, was fun as all get out.

stacy n (it) wrote: Predictable and done before. I felt like there was potential to go further than they did which left disappointment.

Alison S (gb) wrote: Caught this on TV one day and loved it. The story was catchy. The actors were great. It's one of those lesser known movies that you can never remember the name of, but remember loving it when you saw it.

Nick C (us) wrote: not as good as the original, but I enjoyed it.

Kimberly K (ru) wrote: Very intriguing plot.

Russell G (br) wrote: The concept of trying to land a roommate who is suicidal and trying to get him to kill himself sounds like a great concept. Sadly it was a lost opportunity and rather than being a college classic it will be a bomb that we will soon forget, if you are lucky. Lochlyn Munro as the wild-man roommate does not deliver and there are not many laughs to be found anywhere else. It completely misses the mark with a weak cast, bad writing, and bad characters.

Jaret M (nl) wrote: If I wanted to see Keanu Reeves play a robot, I'd see any other movie he's in.

Wes S (jp) wrote: Starts off strong but becomes confusion and lacking by the end. Decent characters, plus Jeffery Combs. Cheap fun monster costumes and a decent dark setting, but in the end, it's forgettable.

Jennifer P (us) wrote: It's nice to see the Catholics kick some ass with faith. (is that appropriate to type?)

Teresa S (gb) wrote: One of Jane Fonda's BEST films this one + also Julia....I dare you to quit smoking when watching this movie!! A Must See whether you are religious or not...a remarkable lesson in the shattering of innocence...

Felipe F (de) wrote: With a plain yet harsh script, Tender Mercies succeeds in bringing out raw emotions to the screen, thanks in part to Robert Duvall's solid work.

Rosco B (us) wrote: After the supernatural exselsis of Suspiria and Inferno, Argento went back-to basics with this streamlined, straight-razor of a giallo. An odd fact about Tenebre is that one of the actresses mercilessly hacked up happened to be Silvio Berlusconi's ex-wife; which led to the film being rarely shown on TV stations for years in Argento's native Italy.

Kim B (mx) wrote: Just funny and crazy movie that I enjoy watching!

Mark Karl H (ru) wrote: The songs save this one, Monroe in a little bit of an unsympathetic role. An 1880's western, gorgeously gowned she is not really an outdoors girl. The script gives neither Monroe nor Mitchum very much to build on which is sad. There is very little chemistry between them. As I said the songs are good and include "River of No Return" which Marilyn sings in mournful style at the end, "One Silver Dollar" and the raucous "Im gonna File my Claim"

MariePier D (ag) wrote: A good thriller, there's a name for the person who falls in love with their kidnappers... well I kind of had that syndrome !