Flying Boys

Flying Boys

Five high school teens on their way to college. But gradually they go through the struggles of life and end up discovering who they are and what it is they truly want in life.

Five high school teens on their way to college. But gradually they go through the struggles of life and end up discovering who they are and what it is they truly want in life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muhammad L (au) wrote: Jake Gyllenhaal seems to be one of my favourite current actors, and this film definitely supports that. The film is sophisticated and thrilling, with great acting from Gyllenhaal. The dialogue is a little heavy but then considering the film is about marital confusion and resentment, it seems fitting. Artfully created, the film maintains a clever and emotional pace with thrilling, dramatic and chilling moments that stick to you a little bit.

Oscar J (gb) wrote: look qui qui you might like this movie!

Daniel R (ru) wrote: A good horror-comedy with some very interesting ideas and strong performances that sadly gets bogged down by mediocre writing. Worth seeing before the unavoidable American remake.

DeJon D (jp) wrote: Rio isn't an amazing animated film, but it's good enough to be good enough to watch having a good plot, memorable characters, and great animation.

Kay L (kr) wrote: "Dozens of megatons of nuclear weapons". I'm going to assume that the director's cut is the porn version.

Tyler J (kr) wrote: This One was really bad I don't really like it it was pretty much the worst in the trilogy it wasn't really funny it was mostly just weird even though it is a scary movie film it's just not like the first four it was really a stupid movie!

Kathleen W (de) wrote: I don't mind time-travel, and clones, and paradoxes, and whatever the hell is happening in this film. In Primer, everything is explained by two dudes in white shirts standing in different locations. If you squint really hard you can probably figure out the like, the secret meaning, but to have the energy to do that you have to care first. Why would you care about these guys? Last night I had a dream that Shane Carruth was in town and shot a short film which was mostly images of grass, to a soundtrack that he composed himself on a synth. And I was angry because I didn't know why it was so good. How do you expertly pan across some grass with a handy cam? Only Shane knew. On a subconscious level, I guess this means that I recognize that he's good, that he is a good filmmaker. But I still don't care about this film.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Shekelia B (it) wrote: This was a funny movie.

David J (mx) wrote: Pretty fun; the villains and Hulk Hogan were a riot.

Effie S (ru) wrote: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin B (ag) wrote: It captures the raw brutality of the story but the direction is... off; and the decision to change the castaway kids from polite British school boys to foul-mouthed military academy punks kind of defeats the purpose.

Christian C (br) wrote: I've seen this film before, when it was titled something else just as unmemorable. Gibson played the same character in that movie too. Why waste the time on this one?

George D (jp) wrote: The acting is not great, but I love the old and authentic Notre Dame football footage.

James M (nl) wrote: Early 80's low budget horror schlock about a man who carries his deformed Siamese twin around in a basket, plotting revenge against the doctors who separated them against their will.It's all very ridiculous, but since it's impossible to take this film seriously, it's all quite fun, despite having some quite atrocious special effects. Nevertheless, it's a good example of splatter movies of the 1980's.Whether it warranted two sequels is another matter...

Kevin M (kr) wrote: Came out the same year as Star Wars - what a year for sci-fi! Other than Jaws, Dreyfuss' best movie. 4.5 stars because of the super slow part when Dreyfuss' character was building Devil's Tower in his living room.