Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons

A pair of teenage classmates known as "Chicken" and "Curry" for the fact that they are virtually inseparable attempt to cover for the fact that they both failed their high school finals by claiming that "Curry" is in the midst of an identity crisis that can only be solved by returning to his homeland of India with his Jewish best friend. While the ruse works wonderfully on the parents of both students, the impromptu journey of self-discovery takes an unexpected detour when "Curry" locates his sister and becomes captivated by the country he first despised, and "Chicken" falls for an older medic working for Doctors Without Borders after entering a synagogue for the first time in his life. ~ Jason Buchanan,

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Cornell W (fr) wrote: Good actors, bad script.

Brandon D (jp) wrote: "The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Gergia" is a very bland, unoriginal horror movie that does have some moments. Lets start off with the title. "The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Gergia" is the sequel of "The Haunting in Conneticut" directed by Peter Cornwell. Now, even though this is the "sequel" this has nothing to do with the first. But is it the title that mad this film bad? No. It was a very cliche movie with very very bad acting. I really hated the mother and they tried to make her mor likeable at the end but it failed.

Pam R (ag) wrote: ok. good storyline. the point just dragged longer than needed. you really sympathize with the wife and children after a while.

Amber (us) wrote: Tak Sakaguchi made me drool the entire film.. the action scenes were AMAZING.. the storyline not too shabby. All around pretty sweet film.. Up in my top faves for sure.

Hannah T (ca) wrote: Love this Doc, Met Nick at a viewing of this, Top guy! Wish he taken the invetigation further though.

Sherry M (kr) wrote: There's not much story here...just music, none of which I can remember, so what's so great about this movie? And I hate to sound like an old fart, but I seems like all anyone can think to put in movies anymore is senseless violence no homosexuality. I don't have a problem with violence in movies, or with homosexuality,, but there should be some point -other than a bunch of brainless hoodlums. And everyone in the world is not gay. Kiss of the Spider Woman was shocking and moving, but now that everyone has to have an obligatory same sex kiss, it's silly and offensive.

bill s (ca) wrote: Another in the long line of very bad choices/movies Murphy has made.

Tam S (ru) wrote: If only I could be in the Bella Mafia :) hee, hee.

Jun Woo P (au) wrote: One of the most underrated films of all time and it's my second favorite John Carpenter movie, only behind The Thing.

Robert H (gb) wrote: Zatoichi the Fugitive is a well told story with plenty of action. The colour film brings about a different look at a character who had had a life in black and white previously. Fans of the series should easily enjoy this entry into the Zatoichi mythos. While not as good as some of the previous films, it does have many strong aspects. The fight choreography in this one may be the best up to this point. What I didn't like as much as the previous Zatoichi films is the somewhat loose and rather pointless story. Zatoichi doesn't seem inquisitive, he doesn't seem to truly care, and so there really is no motivation for him to stay... and yet he does. Sure there are plenty of possible motivations presented throughout the film and each would have been sufficient for Zatoichi to be involved in the goings on but I never felt like he was staying there for a particular reason. He just seemed to be there, perhaps moving from one motivation to the next. But outside of a better presentation of Zatoichi's motivations (and thus a reason for the flim to take place) Zatoichi 4: The Fugitive still manages to entertain.

Film F (fr) wrote: Great Story...Tear Jerker..Must See

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Though not as good as Them!, this movie is still quite good, with some pretty good effects. A solid cast sells the sometimes silly scenes and the mad SCIENCE! is often quite entertaining. Well worth checking out for fans of 50s giant monster/atomic horror films. And look out for Clint Eastwood near the end.