Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs

A wealthy guy hires Oscar to cheer for his team which happens to be arch rival of the team he previously supported along with his brother. Oscar accepts the offer and fight kicks off between him and his brother along with other supporters. The fight costs a arm fracture for Oscar, wile his wife is leaving him because of his hooligan nature...

Opowieść o grupie przyjaciół z niewielkiego miasteczka pod Poznaniem, Grodziska Wielkopolskiego, których połączyła wspólna pasja: futbol, a właściwie "aktywne kibicowanie piłkarskiemu klubowi". Łączy ich klub, dzieli sytuacja życiowa. Oskar Nowacki (lat 35) właśnie został ojcem. Wraz z bratem, Mariuszem (lat 25), sprzedaje dewocjonalia na terenie Bazyliki w Licheniu. Dziewczyna Mariusza, Basia (lat 22), towarzyszy chłopakom ze względu na miłość do kibicowania i resztki przywiązania do Mariusza, ale przede wszystkim przez fascynację Oskarem... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas L (us) wrote: Mixed with humor, a Blaise background of the 1950s, a cast of unforgettable characters, and a heart tugging story, the Help is a solid drama that is entertaining all throughout.

Jim C (ru) wrote: Yet another coming of age movie, this time based on the Greek island of Ios. 14 year-old teen Megghy skips out on her girl scout troop to crash at her aunt's house. Megghy then plays a trick on her aunt (played by the sexy Stefania Montorsi, whose name in the movie is also Stefania) to get her to take her to Ios. What starts off as a run-of-the-mill coming of age movie then takes a few turns as Stefania has to come to terms with her Monica Bing-like neuroses, her "old" age (she's 30 on Greece's version of South Padre Island) and her own lack of a love life. I won't reveal the main plot twist here, but I will say that this is a fine movie - if you're into fun & sun sex comedies. [i]In Italian; Subtitled.[/i]

Stacie W (nl) wrote: I love Samantha Morton... and this movie was weird and you know how I like weird...A+

Tess S (fr) wrote: i want the free toaster!

Cameron C (ag) wrote: Good movie just needs to work on the pacing a bit more. The whole future cyborg thing didn't always catch my interest.

Curtis b (ag) wrote: A flick that made me paranoid while watching it...

Al M (jp) wrote: Decent adventure flick with hints of cannibal horror. A fun ride for the viewer who is willing to pay little attention to details such as story or the protagonist's stupid plans such as repeatedly letting people shoot at himself or others for the apparent reason of making his victory seem even more hyper-masculine and awesome.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: I enjoyed. They're all great except Spielberg's part, naturally.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Robert Redford's directorial debut remains a potent examination of a teen and his family grappling their way through loss, grief, guilt and rage. Alvin Sargent's script only falls into cliche in the way Judd Hirsch's character interacts with the suicidal teen. The skill of both Hirsch and Timothy Hutton rise above that and make it feel painfully realistic. Redford's film is often surprisingly restrained, tightly edited and utilizes John Bailey's exceptional cinematography enough to prevent the movie from falling into a sort of soap opera. But the truly magical aspect of this film's core is Mary Tyler Moore's performance as the mother/wife. Her performance is so brittle and yet uncomfortably realistic -- it often feels too intimate. The incredibly effective and intensely disconnected on-screen chemistry she and Hutton create is so brutal it can be hard to watch. With well over 30 years hindsight is interesting that Mary Tyler Moore never again managed to do what she did here again. It is one of Robert Redford's major feats that he was able to so subvert such a cultivated cultural iconic persona to such potently uncharted waters capturing such a sad and all too realistic depiction of a seemingly permanently damaged maternal relationship without making us hate her. We can't fully understand her struggle, but we can empathize. Despite its dismissal by the film elite -- this movie is uniquely masterful and so much more than a tear-jerker. And, Sutherland plays his role so well --- his character's helpless ability to understand either his son or his wife almost makes his character unforgettably disconnected to point of being invisible. Close to brilliant.

Phil H (au) wrote: Bakshi's first foray into fantasy animation and the experience he needed to gain confidence for his vision of 'The Lord of the Rings'.The story is simply about a post apocalyptic Earth where mutants live alongside new races of elves, dwarfs and fairies...yes. Two brother wizards battle each other, one on the side of the elves and dwarfs, the other with the mutants. They rage war to claim/save the Earth as you might have guessed.This sure is a weird combination of ideas that's for sure, hand drawn animation of goblins, elves, wizards, knights, mutants etc...Rotoscoping used for many battle sequences which appear to show various winged demons, orcs/goblins, many more knights and various live action sequences taken from other films and historic footage.The whole idea is the baddie wizard with his mutants discover ancient buried technology from our present day and use it against the good forces. This includes planes, tanks, machine guns and a film projector which projects footage of Hitler and his Nazi's. Certainly an odd inclusion for what was meant to be for youngsters as well as adults. Never the less this animated film shows how propaganda when used correctly can be devastating just as technology can be. There are a few allegories within this film which are quite clever and would clearly go over a kids head, I was never really sure who this film was really aimed at.There are plenty of bloody moments throughout just like in Bakshi's LOTR, lots of creatures getting cut down with blades and shot to pieces by gunfire, even an arrow and meat cleaver to the head for two unlucky characters! Add to this hookers that hang around in the streets of the evil wizards city of Scortch and the good wizard Avatar has a sidekick fairy in training called Elinore who is dressed in a very skimpy breast revealing little number (Jessica Rabbit eat your heart out). Clearly for the adults and clearly Bakshi utilizing his skills from previous urban based animations.A strange mix of different concepts but definitely no lack of imagination and flare. The animation is your typical 70's look which I'm OK with I guess, it does age somewhat naturally but reminds me of many tatty old foreign cartoons from my childhood which were slightly obscure. A strong colour palette much the same as LOTR incorporating nice dark cloudy skies, bleak murky landscapes and some decrepit dusty old cityscapes set the scenes nicely. The blend of animated characters and rotoscope is fine but not as natural looking as the later LOTR, this tends to look a bit crowbarred together, plus the animated characters look a tad too cartoonish in places.Overall its hard not to compare to this to his other cult work, but the Tolkien adaptation probably wins due to the story for one and the fact visually its a more oiled machine. 'Wizards' is an interesting but not very novel idea about simple ways vs technology. All the archive footage from Nazi Germany is possibly not required along with the baddie characters having Swastika's on them, comes across more like a fascists wet dream from time to time.I do like this film more for the artistic side really, the rest is somewhat dull with a lot of dialog that is uninspired. Some characters look really good like the thin soldiers wearing gas masks, whilst others look like something from a cheap kids flick. Certainly worth a watch but its nothing to rave about. A Bakshi oddity which remains a full cult with intriguing visuals but little else.

Uros T (au) wrote: Very interesting story about two men falling in love in a war circumstances and trying to escape from east Europe. Superb performances from every cast member. Very good film!

Zach M (it) wrote: This was a very well done suspense/thriller starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack.The music was excellent and though not a ton actually happens, it moves at a very quick pace. The ending is very well done and I love that we never actually learn what was locked in the piano.

Dane C (ca) wrote: Narc is a hard-edged, gritty and incredibly investing film that throws the audience straight into the drug underworld with great execution. The chemistry between Patric and Liotta is great, both holding their own on the screen and it's filled with nail-biting tension throughout, especially in the final act.

Sean G (fr) wrote: Stick with "The Young Philadelphians"