When lust, and dishonesty bring these strangers together, their sexual escapades and kinky behaviors lead to violence and a twist ending.

Greed, lust and fate bring together a motley collection of oddballs and lowlifes for some rather sticky situations in Hoch's twisted neo-noir debut. Three separate but interconnected stories, all set on a deceptively sunny day in California and centered around one million dollars in cash, inspire Hoch's quirky characters to commit acts both devious and depraved in an attempt to make the big score. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pgp D (au) wrote: Drishyam (2013) Movie Review 81 days since initial release, finally watched the much hyped Drishyam. To be fair and unbiased, Drishyam is an absolutely amazing movie, but still continues some of Director Jeethu Joseph's signature flaws. Don't get me wrong I'm a devout Lalettan follower and Jeethu fan, right from his first movie The Detective. The Best way to watch Drishyam is to set aside the star power of Mohanlal and the Directorial prowess of Jeethu, watch it from a pure human perspective and focus on the core story and it's underlying moral messages, principles and ideologies. The movie is a bit ragged around the edges like the inclusion of an obligatory long continuous shot, unwanted songs that break the movie's fantastic pacing, Jeethu's inherent amateur shots, especially the overdone, repetitive and violent interrogation scenes. One would doubt if it's a family movie at that point. Equally uninspiring is the cinematography, music and background score - technically unnoticeable and nothing special. Frankly, the film could have been 10 mins tighter with a far less drawn out opening act, that slowly sets up the tone for the brilliant and far superior second half. But the highlight as always is Mohanlal as he steals the show and presents a common John Doe who is a grounded, mature and realistic character, reassuring us we can still expect more from him. Following up disasters like Ladies & Gentleman and Geethanjali, it's ironic how both the best and probably the worst (Geethanjali) movie of 2013 had Lalettan at it's helm, pointing to the fact that fresh ideas and Directors with better stories to tell are what the audience favors instead of dated veteran Directors and actors performing larger than life roles. It's a movie that could have been done by any actor but gets elevated to another level by the sheer acting skills of Mohanlal. Drishyam is both heart poundingly tense at it best moments and heart warmingly sweet and comedic in its better moments. Meena is devoutingly beautiful and stays true to her character. Kalabhavan Shajon presents a stellar performance as the antagonist. Other supporting cast including the children, Siddique and Asha Sharath is strictly okay, thanks to the swift editing. Drishyam presents a challenging story with a plausible deniability where justice varies in perspective as both sides of the same coin : the hero and the villain - one that explores a person's morally ambiguous ideologies. Kudos to Jeethu Joseph for his brilliantly written story with a satisfying end act which encompasses a neatly tied twist into it. It's hands down one of the best thrillers I've ever seen [far superior than Memories (2013)] deserving all the hype and ranks very high in my list of what to expect from Malayalam movies in future. +ves :Brilliantly written story. Stellar performance by Mohanlal. Performances of Meena and other supporting cast.Thought provoking family themes and concepts of justice.Heart pounding drama and tense story telling. Thrilling second half. Brilliant climax and "secret" twist. -ves :Unwanted long shot. Uninspired songs, cinematography and music. Violent interrogation scenes. "Amateurish" shot selections by Jeethu.Drawn out first half. Overall Rating : 9.1/10.

Megan B (ca) wrote: A movie to break my string of bad movies. This powerful film carriesnthe voice of Africa through it all and it is loud and strong. It really shows the challenges that were faced during apartide on both sides of the spectrum, black and white. The characters were so well developed in this film which is what made it so good. Even when Patrick joins the resistance you want his terrorist mission. You want him to succeed. Movies such as this and recently District 9, show the injustices that go on in Africa in the past aand now. THis movie send a strong message as well as being an engaging film.

Mandrela F (jp) wrote: El mejor resultado se obtuvo en "Looking for Fidel", tambin de Oliver Stone. Sospechoso que no aparezca en el listado!.

Efrain P (fr) wrote: You can judge a movie by the title. It wasn't bad, but I had some trouble with the story line. In the end, it did surpirse me (then I looked at the title)

Joe K (de) wrote: Odd to say but I think the forth time was the charm for the Kickboxer movies.

Ashley M (nl) wrote: I think that it is the worst in the elm Street movies so far it had bad acting and a bad story

Steven M (mx) wrote: Classic King Aruther and Merlin movie.

Teri T (br) wrote: Liked this movie and will miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman, although Lara Linney was the star in this one...I think most people I know have experienced abuse in one form or another. What to do when you are responsible for that abusers elder-care is central theme. Well done Tamara Jenkins Seemed to stay in the moment, which most healthy survivors do.

Jed G (br) wrote: A lazy and slapdash film with only one very brief "battle" in the whole damn thing, Battle for the Planet of the Apes is an unsatisfactory and uneventful conclusion to the Planet of the Apes franchise with lackluster pacing, a scattershot plot, and a largely uninvolving story with very little payoff.

Rick P (jp) wrote: It's dry. If you don't have or appreciate dry wit, you'll feel like you've been left out, because you have. If you "get" Hitchhikers (not the movie, but virtually any of its other iterations) then you're likely to be quick enough to get this. Clue: The entire plot is rife with existential paradoxes that manifest as self manufactured crises a la the Vogons and Arthur Dent's house. If you're quick you'll pick up what's going on on the first run through, if not it'll take a few viewings. I like movies like that.....

Matthew H (fr) wrote: "Trying too hard to be clever in a Pulp Fiction kind of way."Uh, no? It wasn't trying too hard, the clever parts are objectively clever, and it's nothing like Pulp Fiction. Learn to review better, please.

Hobbie D (gb) wrote: Hands down the best comedy movie of 2007. I'm about to go buy this movie later tonight. I can't live without this movie

Arry F (ag) wrote: It should've been a pg 13. Just because the dog its run over doesn't mean it should be a R. Robocop remake wasn't even an R