Focaccia blues

Focaccia blues

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Voselinda P (nl) wrote: This is probably the 4th times i'm watching this movie.Moonrise Kingdom definitely has that magical touch in it. The movie is hilarious in deadpan sort of way. Everything about it so dreamy, especially the color pallete). But i have to say that it lacks substance and the "AWE"-factor that most of his projects have.

Alex P (ca) wrote: Well-acted, well-cast and great locations but a slow, meandering train-wreck of a movie that just couldn't decide what it wanted to be.Comedy? Drama? Social commentary? Fish out of water flick? It seems like they just said "throw it all in and it'll turn out fine" and, unfortunately, they were dead wrong.

Jimmy P (fr) wrote: Very surprised at this movie, after all paid 3 for it out of HMV. Some very good acting on display hear from some relivitvely un-knowen names. Also some great effects on display form a MTV movie production. A little prodicatable but an alwsome storyline with a slight little twist at the end. Well worth a watch if your a horror fan, some great jummpy bits that will leave you happy with this movie.

Quinto W (nl) wrote: The film takes itself too seriously, cramming too many themes and not exploring them enough, that it makes the film verge on camp. Luckily for it, it's still an entertaining movie and Eugenio Derbz has very little screen time.

Jacob B (us) wrote: OK, I'm going to be honest, I watched the director's cut rather than the PG-13 theatrical cut and the rumours were true. It was good. We get to see more action and more Matt Murdock doing his job as lawyer and less romantic film with action elements. Sure Ben Affleck isn't exactly fitting for the role when compared with Charlie Cox in the Netflix series, but one of the other good things from this film are the effects (Matt's "vision"). While it's not one of the best Marvel films out there, it's not one of the worst either. Michael Clarke Duncan's performance as Wilson Fisk still remains questionable though especially when compared with the Vincent D'Onofrio incarnation.

Anthony V (es) wrote: Some good moments, but not as good as the original.

Andrew Newlin N (br) wrote: A tale of obsession and people at their wits end. The story is so captivating and the perfect example of when less is more in a great movie.

Katrina J (us) wrote: I saw this movie nearly a year ago and it is still has to be one of my favorite experiences. Ex Machina is such a simplistic movie that makes the most out of essentially just 3 characters and one house. Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac, and Domhnall Gleeson all acted for such unique dynamic characters that made the story as intriguing as it was. The shots and environment were so beautiful, and it wasn't just the nature that was beautiful but also Nathan's isolated house was stunning. Ex Machina also allowed the perfect amount of unanswered questions so the viewer can indulge in the mysteries which Ava and Nathan bring, without too much speculation to make you think too hard. As a sci-fi fan, the "robotics" weren't too overbearing, which I liked very much, it was more focused on the effects an A.I. could have. Overall I loved this movie, I believe it will be one of my favorites for a long time.

Zoran S (kr) wrote: Quit possibly the greatest adaptation of the Samuel Beckett novel ever filmed.