Followed Home

Followed Home

A group of friends head out for a mountain retreat only to witness a gruesome murder at a near by cabin. They head home wanting to forget the experience... but are followed home by the murder.

A relaxing mountain retreat turns dark when the group of friends to witness a gruesome murder near their cabin. They flee back home in order to forget the experience... but are followed home by the murder who does not allow any witness to be alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Duncan S (it) wrote: Appaling thriller telling the story of self confessed serial killer Henry Lucas, who admited to killing at least 350 people but had his death sentance reduced to a life term by George Bush. Acting is terrible, script is laughable and the direction is non existant. Avoid!!

Jenny M (ru) wrote: What a waste. the acting was bad, no story plot after 30minutes into it. Turning it off so I wouldnt waste my afternoon.

Kathleen C (es) wrote: I don't know why but I kinda liked this film, maybe it was all the chemistry between instructor and student.

Lisa Z (fr) wrote: A fun and serious quirky film with Douglas as a lovable and smart looney and Woods as his sane yet dream-hoping daughter.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: A masterfully directed, subjective roller coaster ride down the slope of adolescence with all the highs and lows of teenage melodrama. Hardwicke's deep commitment to her characters allows them to transcend their circumstances to tap that deep, underlying angst that carries over for many of us into our adult lives. Every technical aspect services the story, the characters and their emotional journey. We are right there with them, strapped in for the ride.

Ivonne K (jp) wrote: I dont understand how they can entitle a move as a novel when actually they change the story. This is not the first movie i seen that it doesnt respect so well the book it comes from...I have certain bad examples like The kite runner, and other good like The perfume, and the Name of the rose, even if this last movie doesnt look very simmilar to Ecos book, it is an ejoyable movie. But with this one thats not the case, they skip certain chapters that in the book are unforgetable!!! They neither get in the little seamstress personality as well she is pretty ugly in the film!!!! Maybe it will have a better score for those people had not read the book, but for me!!! Argggg...even the end, the modern end...

Luciano G (mx) wrote: Even if it does have some questionable ideas and moments, there is enough in here to make this a watchable entry in Craven's's not the best of it's genre and contains too many reminders of other films, so this one is mainly there for the more hardcore fans of this type....

Alan D (ca) wrote: What's yr take on Cassavetes? Misogynist? Genius? Alcoholic? (Hey, where's Gena?)

Brodie R (br) wrote: After all those years working at Fox and all its different entities, I never sat through the whole thing. It's surprisingly progressive, it makes fantastic use of location, and - after a slow start - really gets cooking in the second half.

Kyle F (ag) wrote: Not his best but it is still Fucking great

Josh E (us) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen. Horrible way to spend two hours. This was so depressing, there wasn't one up or highlight of the movie until the last 2 minutes. It's just awful. Whoever gave this movie higher than a 1 needs to stop rating movies forever.