A struggling, unemployed young writer takes to following strangers around the streets of London, ostensibly to find inspiration for his new novel.

Lacking prospects, a writer begins tailing strangers, until he encounters a voyeuristic thief who takes him under his wing. He is soon drawn into the world of breaking into flats and prying into the personal lives of their victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie W (br) wrote: i had no idea about the craigslist killer until i watched the movie. tjen i talked to one of my sisters who used craigslist and she said it happened in real life. i was actually quite impressed and remind you with no knowledge that there was an actual craigslist killer out there. to me the movie was interesting and I'd watch it again if i could.

Brandon S (au) wrote: Horrible movie! Should've stopped after the failure of the second film!

David C (au) wrote: It was difficult to rate this. The story itself is passable if entertaining, most of the acting is pretty good. The thing that held down the rating the most was Christian Slater's hit or miss acting.

James C (us) wrote: Can't name a Chris Farley movie that wasn't funny. One of the greatest comedians of all time!

max r (br) wrote: Has some resemblence of book but doesn't reflect same dark humor. More like a watered down version of book.

Paul A (it) wrote: a very good movie , but a sudden ending and the quote that was said wasn't very powerful

Steve D (gb) wrote: Famous movie is just like all the other marx brothers

Jeff P (nl) wrote: One is aware from the beginning of Alive Inside that it is the kind of movie that will change lives, and I left the theater making a mental list of who absolutely must be sent to see it. The tears it drew from me were not brought on by sentimental manipulation, they were drawn from the beautiful personhood of those who seemed previously unreachable, lost in the tragic fog of dementia. This smartly edited, riveting film is like music itself: a song of community and love.

Simon G (au) wrote: Certainly not Woody Allen's finest work but not as bad as everyone says it is either.